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Fun DIY Fence Projects


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Building a DIY fence is an excellent way to give the exterior of the house a lift. A new fence or customised sliding gates will make the outside of the house look more attractive whilst increasing the level of security and privacy. There are several different ways to make sure that a fence stands out whilst providing protection at the same time.

Paint A Steel Fence

Steel fencing is incredibly durable and long-lasting, which makes it the ideal material for providing maximum security. However, sometimes this fence can start to rust or look a little drab when compared with other fences on the street. A simple DIY solution is to treat the fence with rust remover and then paint the steel with bright colours or patterns. A dab of paint will turn the monochrome steel into a vibrant patchwork which will instantly catch the eye of anyone who happens to be passing by the house.

Tek Gate’s steel fencing is built to last and is extremely cost-effective.

Grow Vines On The Fence

When people are sitting out in their garden on a lovely summer’s day, they want to see bright vibrant colours in order to make them feel relaxed and happy. Bright flowers and plants can sometimes make the garden fence look a bit boring. Why not grow vines and creepers on the fence to make it look like a natural part of the garden? The vines will bloom with flowers to obscure man-made material such as plastic or aluminium.

The flowers and vines on the fence will attract even more wildlife into the garden, which will make sitting outside on a warm summer’s day even more exciting.

Stick Shapes Onto The Fence

Most people think that painting a fence is the only way to customise it creatively. However, there are several different ways to make a fence stand out from others on the street. Instead of painting, cut shapes out of wood and fix them onto the outside of the fence. Let your imagination run wild: cut wood into the shape of flowers or birds and then fasten these shapes to any gates or fences around the house. Wood can be treated with special chemicals to make sure that it remains intact even after being exposed to the elements for a long period of time.

Use Old Wood Or Scrap Metal To Build A New Fence

Often there is unused or old material around the house which can be easily turned into fencing. Have a look in the shed or the garage for any pieces of sturdy wood or tough scrap metal which could be used as fence posts. Once the material has been sourced, fashion it into planks which can then be set into the ground and used as fenceposts.

Use this guide as inspiration for DIY fence ideas.