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 If a person is fortunate enough to be able to design their own home, it is a unique opportunity to create the ideal personalised living space, therefore one should consider many things at the design stage. For such a project, one would require the services of an architect, and a structural engineer, who together, would compile a set of drawings from which to begin.

Long term occupancy

If, for example, a family that had roots in Western Australia, decided to purchase a plot of land and design their own home, they are looking to spend many years living in this structure. At the design stage, one should consider the future, and design the building accordingly. The family will grow, and perhaps extra living space will be needed, and this should be factored into the plans. There are qualified consulting engineers in Perth that specialise in domestic property construction, and would be familiar with the latest composite building materials.

Eco-friendly homes

To create a home in this modern age, the focus would be on energy saving, and a low impact on the environment. With solar power and rain harvesting equipment, one can significantly reduce utility bills, and with the right insulation, the living space will remain a comfortable temperature.

Structural engineer

Of course, one would need the services of a structural engineer, who would work with the architect and transform the blueprints into reality. For Western Australians, BWCE offers engineering services to a range of individual clients, and with more than 15 years’ experience, can handle even the biggest project.

Set the budget

Assuming one has already purchased the land, there will be a limited budget for the construction of the property. The amount of money will very much determine the end result, and by working with the architect, the design will give maximum value for money.

The right architect

The architect is perhaps the single most important person in the chain of professions that are linked to the construction industry, as he or she is responsible for the correct implementation of the building process. It is essential that the architect is involved from the very beginning, and the owner’s concept must be a shared vision, with both the architect and the structural engineer, ensuring that the structure is safe, and can withstand the stresses of the weather.

The right materials

The design team would be able to make suggestions as to what materials are best used, and with composite fabrications, there is little impact on the environment, and they are practically maintenance free. Brick and concrete buildings require frequent renovations, so maintenance should be kept to a minimum by selecting the right materials.

The right construction team

The best solution is to consult the architect, who would have an association with many builders, and having worked together many times, the project would be completed on schedule and to budget. The architect and structural engineer are both actively involved in the building process, and are constantly inspecting the work at various stages.

Designing one’s own living space is becoming more and more popular, as people are turning away from mass produced dwellings, to a more individual design.