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Your Bathroom, Your Way


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Bathrooms are generally one of the last rooms to consider when it comes to remodelling and customising. These rooms tend to be tucked away out of public view, so on the whole bathrooms don't get as much attention as they should.  It's so easy to spend a fortune on other parts of the house but a customised, stylish and relaxing bathroom is hard to beat.

Even if funds are a little low, bathrooms can be updated for a modest fee. There are many ways to refresh a bathroom without breaking the bank. Top quality shower screens Perth for instance that are available to buy from recommended suppliers are practical and will add exceptional interior design to any size bathroom. Shower screen dimensions can be specified and customised to fit perfectly into the space, so find out more about bespoke screens which come in a variety of glass.

Upgrade that bathroom

There are a number of ways to upgrade the bathroom. Here are a few to consider:

  • Lights and mirrors – without the right lighting even a bathroom can feel somewhat drab and depressing. Start with the least expensive lighting, fix and add a few mirrors to reflect the light around the room. Bright or mood lighting will set the tone while a room-length mirror can make an instant impact.  It's also a good idea to make the most out of natural light that comes into the bathroom. Trim back any outside shrubbery and replace those thick curtains or open those dowdy blinds.
  • Upgrade bathroom accessories – changing hardware and bathroom accessories may be the easiest, most inexpensive way to spruce up a bathroom. Glass and hardware accessories will help to make any improvement along with small items like new toothbrush holders, soap dishes or a bathroom rug. How about a new bathroom splashback? Reputable suppliers have a great choice of fashionable colours in their painted glass range. Ideal for bathroom feature walls, great value for money splashbacks are resilient and easy to maintain. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms providing eye-catching colour transmission and great designs.
  • Simplify storage – there's nothing worse than half-empty bottles of shampoo and abandoned beauty products lying around a bathroom. They are unsightly and can make a bathroom look as well as feel, untidy. Simple storage solution products are affordable and attractive, providing a bathroom with adequate storage space and a more modern appearance. Bathrooms tend to have plenty of unused wall space, ideal for installing new, trendy storage units.

So there we have it, a few suggestions of how to improve and upgrade a bathroom without having to break the bank.

Reduce shower splash

OK, we've talked about bathroom improvements and upgrades, but don't neglect water spillage. Having a shower without a shower screen will soon see water seeping into the walls and floors, causing damage. To prevent this Rockingham Glass manufacture shower screens which are perfect for stopping water from splashing all over the bathroom.