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You Can’t Make a Pretty Home with an Ugly Carpet


The home is a place for comfort and convenience, and each dwelling is unique in its layout, which the occupants are responsible for. The décor of each room, the furniture and fittings, are all unique to that environment. Most people take pride in the appearance of their home, and spend considerable amounts of time and money making the dwelling comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The carpets

The average home is carpeted in every room, with fitted carpets being very popular, as it gives a customised floor covering that is cut to fit the room. Modern carpets are long lasting, and with proper care, one can expect to get at least 10 years of use.  From an interior design viewpoint, the carpets are a foundation for colour, and dictate the shade co-ordination, so the choice of both colour and type is important.

Carpet maintenance

Regular deep cleaning is recommended for most carpets, especially high traffic areas, and the best way to clean carpets is with a dry cleaning process. There are modern carpet cleaning services, such as Chemdry Express, who provide a thorough clean at a reasonable cost.

Vacuum often

All carpets should be vacuumed frequently, especially the deeper pile carpets, and although the vacuuming process removes a majority of the dirt and grime, regular dry cleaning is also advised. A deep dry clean two or three times a year will ensure that the carpet remains clean and fresh, retaining its rich colour. If a person is looking for carpet dry cleaning in Perth, there are online companies that provide a thorough service, and are experts in all aspects of carpet care. will guide you finding the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet.

Vacuuming often is all well and good, but you need to make sure that you are using the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet and floors. There are thousands of options to choose from, especially many new cordless electric machines.
The GTech Pro 2 gets good reviews because it is lightweight, easy to use, and works across hard floors as well as carpets without having to make any setting changes.
This type of cordless electric vacuum is more suited to smaller homes because of the shorter run time and smaller head unit. For larger homes, you'd want to use a more powerful machine and probably one which was corded so it lasted long enough.

Design concepts

The professionals will always say that one should base the colours of the room on the carpet, rather than the walls. Paint and wallpaper come in a wide range of shades, so it is easy to match up with the base items like furniture and carpets. Light blue is an ideal carpet colour, as it complements beiges and browns, and provides a nice contrast with the greens from indoor plants.

Draw a plan for each room

Often it is hard to imagine how a room will look with the new colour scheme, so it is a good idea to draw a plan, and use three colours, one dark, one light, and one bright shade. Use swatches or paint tabs to colour the plan, and this will give one an idea how the colour scheme will work. Each room should have its own mood, and moving from one room to the next should have a balanced feel. Avoid using too many bright colours, and keep things simple.

Paint or wallpaper?

The choice is there, and if one prefers paint, the latest technology ensures that an exact shade can be reproduced consistently. One might prefer a sheen finish, or perhaps matt, if one is looking for a softer feel, and with wallpaper, there are textures and patterns to enhance the room.

Choosing the right carpet isn’t just about the wear and tear, it is also a colour foundation for the room, and therefore colour should be taken into account when selecting the carpet.

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