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Ten Signs You Should Invest In Renovation


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It is only natural that over time a house with start to show signs of wear and tear. This means that it could be time for some building renovations in Perth. There are dozens of ways to successful repair problems with a house. However, before embarking on renovation projects it is best to budget properly and plan for any unexpected circumstances. There is nothing worse than starting a renovation project only to discover that it cannot be completed because of lack of money.

Here are ten signs that it is probably a good time to invest in renovation. Building renovations in Perth by Addstyle can give homes a new lease of life.

Cracked Driveways

If the driveway has become cracked because of the heat or overuse, then it is a good idea to have a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete laid down. This fresh layer should last for years, but always be on the lookout for new patches of damage. Weeds can grow through the concrete and cause damage, so make sure to dig out the roots completely.

Rattling Windows

Rattling windows are a sign that they have slipped out of place and need to be removed. Old, rattling windows can let heat escape from the house and cause energy bills to be too high. The noise from rattling windows can also stop people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can potentially cause a lot of damage to the rest of the house. Rainwater can cause damp to rot the beams in the roof. Loose tiles could also fall off the roof and injure someone. Hire a company to replace any loose or cracked tiles.

Not Enough Space In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is vital that there is enough space in order to make meals easily. If the kitchen feels too cramped then it is time to plan a renovation which makes the kitchen a better place to prepare food.

Not Enough Room For Guests

Guests should be comfortable when they come to stay. If you find that you are forced to sleep on the sofa in order to give visitors a bed for the night, this is not a good sign. Why not convert the attic into a spare bedroom?

Clutter Around The House

Having clutter around the house is a sign that there is not enough storage space. In this case, renovating a cramped attic would provide a place to store unwanted or unused items.

Faulty Electrics

Power cuts and faulty electrics can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Make sure that the wiring of the house is replaced and regularly inspected for faults.

Faulty Plumbing

Creaking pipes and broken toilets are extremely inconvenient. If these problems persist then it is time to have the bathroom redone.

Cracked Brickwork

Brickwork should be repointed if moisture is seeping through and causing the bricks to crack. This can be an expensive process, so make sure to budget properly.

Peeling Paintwork

Paintwork should be given a fresh coat at least once a year to keep the house looking presentable.

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