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Smart Home 101


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Modern technology has enabled smart solutions to be incorporated into the living space, making the home a safer place than ever before. Security systems watch over the property day and night, while gadgets and devices help the homeowner in many ways, and for those who are interested in technology, here are some of the ways a modern home performs.

Smoke detectors

These have been around for a while now, and provide that essential early warning in the event of a fire. Due to mass production, these units are very affordable, so one can have sufficient units throughout the home. If a person lives in Western Australia, and is looking for an electrician in Fremantle, there are online companies that can tackle any domestic job in a professional manner. The smoke detectors need to be fitted on the ceiling, and with slim, round designs, and a choice of colours, they do not look out of place in any home.

HDMI and USB outlets

USB means connectivity, and the modern home can have points in various rooms where one can charge (and use) devices such as smartphones and tablets. A high definition multi-media interface (HDMI), can be plugged into a device, such as a smart TV, and it allows for hi-speed data transmission, without losing any audio or visual quality.

LED upgrades

If one is energy conscious and wishes to use the latest lighting technology, light emitting diodes (LED) use a fraction of the power that an ordinary light bulb requires, and although they cost more, they will give at least 50,000 hours of use before a replacement is needed. A competent electrician can convert a home to use LED lighting, and if you live in Western Australia, an online search will reveal an electrician in Fremantle who will carry out the work to the highest standards.

Motion sensor lighting

This innovative technology provides convenience and security. Exterior lights will automatically come on when a person enters the area, and this can deter an intruder, not to mention the safety factor, when walking in the grounds at night.

Dimmer switches

These allow for fine control with lighting, and one can achieve the perfect balance of light at the turn of a knob. Most new homes will have dimmer switches fitted as standard, and if the property is old, a competent electrician can soon install dimmer switches to give the homeowner a new dimension in light control.

Home security

Technology provides several ways to improve home security, with video surveillance being a popular way to protect the home. Cameras strategically positioned around the perimeter will give the occupants 24-hour coverage, and remote viewing allows one to check on the home from anywhere in the world. Alarm systems have become much more affordable in the past few years, and with a range of systems available, every home can be protected.

Smart homes use less energy and provide a level of convenience like never before. So, if one feels their home could do with modernisation, call out an electrician, who can advise on the best way to achieve this.