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Packing Tips for Your Relocation


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Rakka.

Below we prepared seven simple tips to help you pack your home efficiently before the relocation.

Use the right boxes

One of the worst mistakes you can make is use too small or too big boxes. According to professional High-River movers you need to choose middle-sized boxes that are easy to lift and move. Do not also put too much things into one box so becomes impossible to lift because of the weight. And the last tip from movers about boxes it to put heavier items on the bottom to make them more stable for the relocation.

No empty spaces in the boxes

Professional High-River movers advise not to leave spaces between the belongings inside of the boxes to ensure they do not move and break during the transportation. To fill the spaces you can use towels or socks. If no clothes left for this purpose just use newspapers or something soft as fillers.

Pack one room at a time

If you pack room by room it will be easier to keep track of the packed items. It will also be easier not to miss anything and mess up during the packing. Furthermore, when the unpacking is performed it is much more convenient to unpack one box for one room than running all over your place to unpack only one box with things from kitchen, living room, and kids room, for instance.

Label each box

When you pack it is easier to follow what has already been done if you make lists of things packed. Same lists of items you can write on each box to make unpacking easier later on. Furthermore, movers in High-River also advise to mark each box with specific color assigned to each room. In this way the unpacking will also go much faster.

Tape boxes well

Even before you begin collecting items into boxes you need to secure each box very carefully. Use tape to close bottom seams and do it several times just to be on the safe side. After everything is packed do the same with the top seams. High-River movers also advise to make several wraps all the way around the box where stress is concentrated. 

Valuable items

Most frequently valuable items are advise to move yourself, but if you have many paintings or a collection of old vases it might be pretty hard. Professionals advise to consult them about your valuable pieces and warn about them so that these item are treated more carefully.

Bundle breakables

When you pack breakable items, such as dishes or vases, frames with glass, etc., you need to secure them from any damages. Accrding to – pro movers in High-River the easiest way of doing so is to secure each piece with something. For bundling you can use towels, sheets, clean socks, T-shirts, newspaper, or bubble wrap. The latter option is the greatest but be ready that it costs money while other do not. When packing do not push anything hard into boxes and secure empty spaces perfectly to avoid breakings.

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