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How To Maximise The Value Of Your Property


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Steve Cadman.

It wasn’t so long ago that climbing the property ladder was considered a sure-fire way to make a profit, so long as you knew how to increase a home’s value and where to make a smart investment. Nowadays, the property market isn’t so assured, and the consequential results of the post global disaster include a more sceptical approach to securing a mortgage and increased difficulty when it comes to selling a house. Home ownership is inherent with a range of undeniable benefits but frustration can arise when moving to a new property becomes a necessity.

You could belong to a generation that bought their first home at a young age, perhaps in their 20s to 30s around ten years ago. The collapse of the property market was largely unanticipated during that period of recent history, and brand-new homeowners were probably expecting to see the value of their first home continue to increase. However, despite the uncertainty of major world economies, you might be one of many homeowners who needs to sell their current property to upgrade, whether it’s due to growing family numbers or inadequate space. Additionally, newcomers to the market are still looking for a home they can call their own, and making sure you take a few vital steps could help you secure a quick and profitable sale.

London is still growing, and it’s one of the most important global cities on the map. This fact poses the challenge of selling a property in a highly-competitive market, but it’s worth remembering that finding the right buyer could prove to be hugely profitable. If you want to enter your property into a competitive market with a fighting chance, it might be time to get in touch with experienced London builders to make some renovations that could significantly increase your asking price.

This article will elaborate on some of the home improvements you can make that will help you find your property’s next owner. While some enhancements will require a larger investment that others, the resulting profit could more than warrant the cost of the total expenditure.

Optimise Your Roof

When you’re trying to sell your house, it’s highly possible you’re avoiding spending money in expensive areas such as your roof. A whole replacement could total into the thousands, but an abundance of home hunters are likely to ask questions about your roof’s maintenance. Buyers are under more pressure than ever to investigate a property’s condition because they’re required to save for a deposit that’s likely to largely drown their savings.

Resulting from the need to be vigilant with their investment, many home buyers will wish to investigate the condition of a property from top to bottom. A degraded roof can be costly to repair, and it’s a cost that your potential buyer will want to avoid. If you don’t want local competitor’s properties to be more appealing than yours, here’s some advice that could be useful:

  • Have your roof inspected thoroughly – Even if you’re under the impression your roof is in top condition, reinforcing it with a recent thorough roof inspection will prove to be an invaluable selling point. Only a professional’s confirmation can prove the stability and quality of a roof, and you could secure a quick sale if you can assure interested parties an imminent costly investment isn’t required.
  • If the professional’s find problems, fix them and attend to any resulting damage – Leakage caused by degraded roofs can result in mould and mildew damage, as well as structural problems affecting the whole property in extreme cases. It’s a good idea to deal with issues before they get out of hand, especially when you’re trying to market your property as a decent investment.

Modernise Your Interior

While interior décor doesn’t provide hard evidence of a neglected or well-looked-after property, modern first-time buyers are looking to save money in every area possible. Properties that appear to have been unaltered or modernised for decades will inadvertently convey a lack of attention, and that often results in the overall perception of the condition of your home to be compromised.

To boost the image your home conveys, you might consider making a couple of small tweaks that will result in a profitable return on investment when it comes to securing a sale.

  • Eliminate any and all noticeable defacements – Plastered walls will inevitably crack, wallpaper will peel, and carpets will showcase stains and signs of age. All of those problems may have affected you minimally during your tenure, but potential buyers will categorise them as an evidential omen of a required potentially steep future investment.
  • Make basic changes to your décor – Your tastes in style and fashion only matter for as long as you want to reside in your current property. When it comes to making a sale, the easiest way to achieve a modern look is by adopting a neutral, contemporary style. Cheap laminates and light wall painting will do the trick, so long as the finished job shows no flaws or bad workmanship.

Invest in Experts and the Return on Investment will be Noticeable

Selling your property could be due to financial necessity, a need for a larger home or a result of emigration. There are many more reasons than that, but ensuring you receive the best price for your home is likely going to come at a cost. There’s nothing stopping you from attempting home renovations DIY style, but paying for professionals is likely to be less risky.

London boasts an abundance of professional builders that possess the knowledge and experience to optimise your property, and finding the most qualified for your needs is best done using an online directory such as Thomson Local. Revamp costs will undeniably be an investment and therefore, you want the revamp to be accomplished to a level of near perfection the first time. With a bit of work, patience and research, there’s no reason you don’t stand a fighting chance of selling your home for a decent price in a competitive and uncertain market.