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How to make a small bathroom look bigger


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Bathroom is one of the most important spaces within your home. If you think about it, your family spends more time in a bathroom during the day, than any other room (except for the bedroom). Also, this space is very important for guests. Although they might not notice dust on the floor or stains on the windows, they will most likely notice anything out of the ordinary within your bathroom. This is because we associate it with hygiene. If your guest doesn’t feel comfortable inside, it is something that can speak badly about you.

If you have a limited space, it can represent quite a nuisance. Your guests will be constricted and on top of it, the room will most likely look bad. Luckily for us, there are numerous tricks which you can use in order to make your small bathroom look bigger.


  • Proper planning


This is a no-brainer. Small bathrooms require special attention given that there are so many things which you have to put in them. Planning starts during construction or renovation. It is best to take measures of all items that you possess (or wish to purchase) and find them a place within the room. Visualize how that room will look like and whether you will be able to move around. Biggest mistakes are done during this phase as people overestimate size of certain objects and are prepared to buy them regardless of the fact that they won’t be functional.  Naturally, make sure that all the doors and drawers can be opened normally.


  • Put focus on one object


If you have a small bathroom, the fact that you have limited space will not change no matter what you do with objects within it. So, in order to make the best out of it, try to distract visitors by placing emphasis on one object. This way, people will not notice lack of space. Instead, they will admire your nice mirror or a bathtub. It all comes down to where they are looking.


  • Use tall cupboards


Similarly to vertical stripes on dresses, tall cupboards are much slimmer. Even though horizontal ones seem as a better option in terms of functionality, this is not the case. You can put exactly the same number of things in both horizontal and vertical cupboard (as long as they are of a same size). Yes, it might be a hassle crouching or jumping in order to get something but at least your bathroom will look much nicer. Also, horizontal cupboards can be perceived as much more of an obstacle because they take much more space on the floor. Tall cupboards utilize space much better as they go all the way to the ceiling.


  • Place things on a lower or on a higher level


As we mentioned, making your bathroom look bigger is all about simple tricks. When a person enters this room (or any other room in your home), he usually notices things which are on the same level as his eyes. Everything else will be neglected. So, instead of placing everything around chest and waist level, it is better to put objects much higher or lower. This is something that can be done with shelves. Truth be told, most of the items in our bathroom are used occasionally. So, there is no reason not to place things on a higher or lower level.


  • Distribute things evenly around the bathroom


Some people with small bathrooms think that it is best if they place everything in one corner. By doing this, rest of the bathroom will look more spacious. This is completely wrong. People being people, they will first notice a clutter in the corner which will have the dominant impact when forming their opinion regarding your bathroom. Instead of making this mistake, make sure to distribute everything evenly.


  • Get rid of anything that is not necessary


This could’ve been mentioned at the beginning of the text. However, it is something that should be used as a last resort. Have in mind that you need to use your bathroom everyday unlike your guests who occasionally come over. Although you can transfer all your makeup in bedroom, ask yourself whether you actually wish to do it.

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