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Bamboo Lumber:  Form and Function


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As green building certifications like LEED and SEED go from bonus options to industry standards, it’s more important than ever before to begin sourcing products that meet these criteria. Architects and designers already use bamboo lumber for flooring, but bamboo can fit into building projects in several other areas as well. This fast-growing grass easily qualifies for LEED and green building certifications, and can make some beautiful statements at the same time.

Furniture of the Future

Bamboo lumber, veneer, and panels are perfect for forming into tables, desks, shelves, benches, and other furnishings for the home or office. Choose from 5 different grains and shades to customize the look.


Controlled Design and Custom Imagery

Match your client’s details right down to the tiniest pieces of their décor. Different shades of bamboo lumber and panels can be mixed to provide you with depth of color for custom furnishings for bars and restaurants.

Save Space and the Environment

With bamboo panels and lumber, you can craft any kind of cabinet or drawer face you need, including innovative corners that let you make the most out of every inch of space you have. 


Simplicity of the Line

Minimalist design will never be simple or boring when you use bamboo panels and lumber to create the finished piece. With its clean lines and deep colors, bamboo makes the perfect accent to even the cleanest of designs.

Meet All Your Style and Function Needs

Bamboo panels, lumber and veneers enable you to achieve style and function while also meeting green building criteria. Consider using this versatile material in your next project to get form, function, and LEED compliance all at the same time.