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Smart Home 101


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Modern technology has enabled smart solutions to be incorporated into the living space, making the home a safer place than ever before. Security systems watch over the property day and night, while gadgets and devices help the homeowner in many ways, and for those who are interested in technology, here are some of the ways a modern home performs.

Smoke detectors

These have been around for a while now, and provide that essential early warning in the event of a fire. Due to mass production, these units are very affordable, so one can have sufficient units throughout the home. If a person lives in Western Australia, and is looking for an electrician in Fremantle, there are online companies that can tackle any domestic job in a professional manner. The smoke detectors need to be fitted on the ceiling, and with slim, round designs, and a choice of colours, they do not look out of place in any home.

HDMI and USB outlets

USB means connectivity, and the modern home can have points in various rooms where one can charge (and use) devices such as smartphones and tablets. A high definition multi-media interface (HDMI), can be plugged into a device, such as a smart TV, and it allows for hi-speed data transmission, without losing any audio or visual quality.

LED upgrades

If one is energy conscious and wishes to use the latest lighting technology, light emitting diodes (LED) use a fraction of the power that an ordinary light bulb requires, and although they cost more, they will give at least 50,000 hours of use before a replacement is needed. A competent electrician can convert a home to use LED lighting, and if you live in Western Australia, an online search will reveal an electrician in Fremantle who will carry out the work to the highest standards.

Motion sensor lighting

This innovative technology provides convenience and security. Exterior lights will automatically come on when a person enters the area, and this can deter an intruder, not to mention the safety factor, when walking in the grounds at night.

Dimmer switches

These allow for fine control with lighting, and one can achieve the perfect balance of light at the turn of a knob. Most new homes will have dimmer switches fitted as standard, and if the property is old, a competent electrician can soon install dimmer switches to give the homeowner a new dimension in light control.

Home security

Technology provides several ways to improve home security, with video surveillance being a popular way to protect the home. Cameras strategically positioned around the perimeter will give the occupants 24-hour coverage, and remote viewing allows one to check on the home from anywhere in the world. Alarm systems have become much more affordable in the past few years, and with a range of systems available, every home can be protected.

Smart homes use less energy and provide a level of convenience like never before. So, if one feels their home could do with modernisation, call out an electrician, who can advise on the best way to achieve this.

Choosing New Windows for Kitchen Remodel


Kitchens are the most popular rooms in every home. Not only people eat here and spend their time together, they also renovate them most. First of all, they want their favorite rooms to look perfect. Secondly, according to professional realtors new kitchen is the key to selling your house.

It does not matter whether you want to renovate the kitchen for your personal needs or to sell the house, because in both cases windows replacement is a must-do. Regardless of your needs, preferences, and budget with thousands of options available you will be able to find new windows to match all your desires. Furthermore, think of your new windows as of an investment into your personal future. New units will help you improve visual appeal of the kitchen, they will serve you for many years to come without many maintenance needs, and, finally, in case of re-selling your home you will get most of the money back, because as experts from Can Choice Calgary Windows & Doors explain new windows after replacement do not lose their value at all. So if you are interested in replacing your old windows, then make sure to consider the following issues when making a choice.

Material type

One of the most important things to consider when choosing new windows is their material. Kitchen is a room with high level of humidity which frequently results in moisture problems and also many stains from cooking. So you need to choose windows with high insulation properties as well as easiness to clean. Windows professionals from Medicine Hat tell that vinyl and fiberglass windows can match both needs best. The former is very easy to clean and requires no maintenance remaining nice looking for many years. The latter can withstand extreme temperatures and is also the most energy efficient material available in the market today.


People love having many windows units in the kitchens to get the most of their ventilation and to have as much natural light as possible. Unfortunately, it is a common problem for homeowners to put their windows in hard-to-reach places, such as behind the sinks or counters, to accomplish the former goal. As a result, it is highly advised to choose windows that are easy to open and that do not require much cleaning and care.

Professional windows replacement contractors advise installing either awning or sliding windows to match both needs. Awning windows can be easily pulled in or pushed out for the best ventilation, which is so much needed in the kitchen. Sliding windows have a crank mechanism for perfect operation and biggest amounts of natural lights.

Additional Features

And the final tip from or experts in Medicine Hat is to think what additional features you want your windows to have. For instance, you can apply coating to protect your home from UV-rays or increase their efficiency by covering them with film that stops heat gain of the house. Think what features will be useful for your case and consult your contractor to choose the best option.

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Benefits of Co-working Shared Office Space in the City Center


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In the past decade co-working has actually become something of a phenomenon. The whole trend started back in 2005, when a today famous person Brad Neuberg opened his first co-working shared office space in the downtown of San Francisco. The initial idea of the shared office space lied in the aim to create a space which supported the community and structure. Brad Neuberg was looking for it but could not find (according to his career he had to work a lot while travelling).

In recent years, the idea of getting a Toronto shared office for rent for the purpose of co-working has grown increasingly popular because professional individuals today owing to shared office space are able to work in a space where you can find a great variety of various industries, helping to foster new ways of thinking.

Organic Networking Opportunities

If you have chosen to work in a shared office space then you are a communicative person, especially if your office building is in downtown of a big city like Toronto. But though all people working here are communicative they are still pretty diverse. When someone works in a shared office space in Toronto downtown, they are always in search and open to collaboration from the people around them. At such conditions you should always remember that a person sitting next to you might be a simply brilliant contact or sometimes may be able to just connect you with some other person who will be able to grow your business. In a shared office space you need to always remember that people surrounding you are great resources that you might not have been exposed to in an ordinary office environment.

Professional Appearance

Co-working shared office space especially in the city downtown is simply a perfect medium for your employees. It can always allow an autonomous person to work absolutely freely and at the same time providing necessary resources in order to get the job done. At a shared office space you can simply forget all workplace politics and, focus your attention only on urgent tasks. Every shared office space has important amenities, like office space, meeting rooms, mailing addresses, video conferencing tools which ensure your professional appearance.

Increase Efficiency

Most experts in Toronto office spaces admit that for those who have typically been working from home, transitioning from a single and detached space into a new shared office space full of different people with tons of ideas can and does have a great boost in productivity. This shared office can create a kind of productive bubble around you. Shared spaces are great because you can never guess who is sitting next to you: a social media guru or a real estate agent. And at shared office space there is no matter what you are doing or what kind of business you have, working in such a space with a great variety of people creates a big pool of knowledge that is very encouraging and helpful.

For more info pls check:

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Direct Benefits of Fire Systems


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There are a lot of very important benefits that modern professional fire systems can offer to buildings, various businesses like restaurants or stores and to all those users who may have the risk of fire in their buildings. Modern fire systems have best integration and interoperability features to offer their consumers. Below we prepared a short list of advantages that fire systems can offer you for both residential and commercial use.

Enhanced Protection: Integrated fire systems solutions like Vesda products can help you optimize your system functionality and performance, so enhancing your personal and your customers/employees life safety and undoubtedly property protection program. Integrated life-safety Vesda fire systems and command center can enable the system operators to first of all view and then record all suspicious incidents and so electronically activate or lock escape routes. Such integration of access control with the fire alarm systems perfectly supports safe evacuation through the capability for barriers and doors to be automatically opened and unlocked if a fire alarm is activated.

Ease of Use: Integrated Kidde fire systems with special life-safety information management interface can perfectly provide ease of use, and very often with touch-screen functionality, and also incorporate additional features like real-time images, floor plans, and various messaging services.

Operational & Cost Efficiency: Fire system integration is able to have positive impact on the overall operational and administrative costs. Various remote services technology in contemporary fire systems like Kidde can enable different facilities and safety personnel to help effectively manage multiple places from a single central station. Such remote diagnostics of fire alarm systems and these remote management services for video surveillance and two-way audio systems are able to also provide a lot of important benefits. This ability to remotely view the operating status of the fire systems for a life-safety provider – and undoubtedly to diagnose trouble conditions – can significantly increase system uptime, reduce service visits, facilitate a first-time repair, and of course provide your with peace of mind.

Data Integrity and Protection of Contemporary Fire Systems

Today’s pretty sophisticated IT and great amounts of data security capabilities are absolutely critical when the issue comes to fire, security, emergency communications, and any other life-safety systems and their integration. Different advanced encryption technologies, for instance, allow life-safety staff to work closely with the IT group in order to protect the integrity of the whole network and critical data.

Most facility managers, building owners, and safety or security directors have extremely important roles in the life safety and property protection. Today these integrated fire suppression technologies can definitely help in fulfilling all those responsibilities. The key factor to effective and reliable fire systems integration is in the understanding the challenges, the applications and the technologies – and undoubtedly making sure that everything works together as intended. If that capability simply does not exist within one organization, then it might be better to work with a fire systems integrator which is proficient and experienced in needs analysis and planning, installation, layout and maintenance of any integrated solutions.

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8 Main Window Types

Vinyl window

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Today the market of windows offers thousands of unique designs, styles, colors, sizes, and any other dimensions to match unique needs of your home renovation project. Even if you cannot find the right windows for your home, manufacturers offer customized choices to help you make the dreams come true. Windows are one of the most essential elements of any home so they must be chosen very carefully and precisely to have in mind not only their visual appeal but also functionality. Below we prepared eight main types of windows offered by the market to familiarize you with the possible options.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are the most popular type of windows for residential use because they are the most universal. Windows experts in Brampton explain that these units have two sashes which slide vertically up and down inside of the windows frame. As a result either top or bottom part of a windows can be opened offering great ventilation to a room. They always remain inside of the frame and do not protrude out of the house which is very useful for apartments.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are second most popular choice of home owners. These windows are also hinged and are easily operated by a turn of a crank. Depending on the needs of your home and its stylistic features you can hang them on the left or right side t complete the design.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and they open outward to let in air from the bottom and either left or right part. Awning windows are mostly chosen to improve air ventilation of any room and are great for kitchens and bathrooms. Very frequently they are installed in a combination with stationary or operating windows at their top, bottom, and even on the side. The great benefit of awning windows, according to Toronto window cleaning team, is their simplicity in maintenance which is another reason to consider them for bathrooms and kitchens.

Picture Window

Picture windows are also known as fixed windows. This is a variety of stationary window which is not operable so does not let any fresh air in the room, however offers the biggest amounts of natural light. Most frequently picture windows are used in combinations with operable units in large spaces with great views outside.

Transom Window

Experts explain that transom windows are very narrow window and can be either operable in order to let in fresh air or non-operable and installed above another window or a door to simply let in more natural light.

Slider Windows

Slider windows glide along the track and as a rule have at least one operating window part. Most slider windows slide horizontally, however some designs also slide past the other window part. Most frequently slider windows are installed to complete the curb appeal of modern- and contemporary-style houses. 

Bay or Bow Windows

As a rule, bay or bow windows in Toronto are used to create more interior space because they protrude out from the exterior of the house. Bay and bow windows are often installed together with stationary units in the middle for better look. As a rule, designers use either double-hung or casement windows. 

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Packing Tips for Your Relocation


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Below we prepared seven simple tips to help you pack your home efficiently before the relocation.

Use the right boxes

One of the worst mistakes you can make is use too small or too big boxes. According to professional High-River movers you need to choose middle-sized boxes that are easy to lift and move. Do not also put too much things into one box so becomes impossible to lift because of the weight. And the last tip from movers about boxes it to put heavier items on the bottom to make them more stable for the relocation.

No empty spaces in the boxes

Professional High-River movers advise not to leave spaces between the belongings inside of the boxes to ensure they do not move and break during the transportation. To fill the spaces you can use towels or socks. If no clothes left for this purpose just use newspapers or something soft as fillers.

Pack one room at a time

If you pack room by room it will be easier to keep track of the packed items. It will also be easier not to miss anything and mess up during the packing. Furthermore, when the unpacking is performed it is much more convenient to unpack one box for one room than running all over your place to unpack only one box with things from kitchen, living room, and kids room, for instance.

Label each box

When you pack it is easier to follow what has already been done if you make lists of things packed. Same lists of items you can write on each box to make unpacking easier later on. Furthermore, movers in High-River also advise to mark each box with specific color assigned to each room. In this way the unpacking will also go much faster.

Tape boxes well

Even before you begin collecting items into boxes you need to secure each box very carefully. Use tape to close bottom seams and do it several times just to be on the safe side. After everything is packed do the same with the top seams. High-River movers also advise to make several wraps all the way around the box where stress is concentrated. 

Valuable items

Most frequently valuable items are advise to move yourself, but if you have many paintings or a collection of old vases it might be pretty hard. Professionals advise to consult them about your valuable pieces and warn about them so that these item are treated more carefully.

Bundle breakables

When you pack breakable items, such as dishes or vases, frames with glass, etc., you need to secure them from any damages. Accrding to – pro movers in High-River the easiest way of doing so is to secure each piece with something. For bundling you can use towels, sheets, clean socks, T-shirts, newspaper, or bubble wrap. The latter option is the greatest but be ready that it costs money while other do not. When packing do not push anything hard into boxes and secure empty spaces perfectly to avoid breakings.

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Bamboo Lumber:  Form and Function


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As green building certifications like LEED and SEED go from bonus options to industry standards, it’s more important than ever before to begin sourcing products that meet these criteria. Architects and designers already use bamboo lumber for flooring, but bamboo can fit into building projects in several other areas as well. This fast-growing grass easily qualifies for LEED and green building certifications, and can make some beautiful statements at the same time.

Furniture of the Future

Bamboo lumber, veneer, and panels are perfect for forming into tables, desks, shelves, benches, and other furnishings for the home or office. Choose from 5 different grains and shades to customize the look.


Controlled Design and Custom Imagery

Match your client’s details right down to the tiniest pieces of their décor. Different shades of bamboo lumber and panels can be mixed to provide you with depth of color for custom furnishings for bars and restaurants.

Save Space and the Environment

With bamboo panels and lumber, you can craft any kind of cabinet or drawer face you need, including innovative corners that let you make the most out of every inch of space you have. 


Simplicity of the Line

Minimalist design will never be simple or boring when you use bamboo panels and lumber to create the finished piece. With its clean lines and deep colors, bamboo makes the perfect accent to even the cleanest of designs.

Meet All Your Style and Function Needs

Bamboo panels, lumber and veneers enable you to achieve style and function while also meeting green building criteria. Consider using this versatile material in your next project to get form, function, and LEED compliance all at the same time.

How Cost Efficient are Electric Hot Water Systems?


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. Image: the inside of a hydraulically-operated two-stage tankless heater, heated by 3-phase electric power. CC-licensed image by Mattes.


The householder has two choices when it comes to hot water, and they are gas or electricity, with a minority of people using heating oil or other energy sources. In this energy conscious society we live in, people are becoming more concerned about the use of energy, and energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind.

Tank water systems

The traditional way to supply a home with hot water, is with a tank and a boiler to heat the water, which is then pumped wherever needed around the house. These systems can be either gas or electric, and the general consensus is that gas is more economical, depending on the efficiency of the heating system. These are the cheapest type of centrally located hot water systems, and will usually operate for 15-20 years, if properly maintained. The electrically powered systems will run on non-peak time electricity, which makes them more cost-effective.

Tankless water heating systems

These have become very popular as they only heat a small amount of water, rather than an entire tank, so if one wishes to take a shower, one doesn’t have to wait for the tank to be heated, and the energy used is much less. The water is heated as it passes through a heat exchanger, and is ideal for an office shower, or any area where small amounts of hot water are needed. These range in price, but are not expensive to run, and give instant hot water in reasonable amounts, although not enough to supply a large home. If a person in Western Australia wanted to have their system maintained, many hot water systems are serviced by Plumbdog, who are a leading Perth plumbing company. These are generally regarded as the most cost-efficient electric water heating systems available today.

A matter of preference

The cost difference between gas and electric is negligible, and some people prefer electric, as it is perhaps less dangerous. Gas usually involves re-supplying in bottles, whereas electric is on demand, and therefore more convenient. If a person inherits an electric hot water system, and wishes to change over to gas, this can be done, however the cost would be considerable, and possibly not worth it, if the electric system works efficiently.

A new installation

If a home owner wanted to install a new hot water system, the installation company would probably recommend gas, as it is slightly cheaper to run, and more eco-friendly than electricity. There are still many people who prefer a gas powered hot water system, and with running costs slightly lower, it is a popular choice. If a resident of Western Australia wanted electric hot water systems in Perth, there are qualified online plumbers who are on call round the clock to provide new installations and emergency repairs to existing systems, both gas and electric.

Electrically heated water systems are cost-efficient and durable in providing essential hot water for urban communities, and any reputable online plumber would be able to recommend a suitable system to heat the home.

14 Common Misconceptions About Locksmiths


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Locksmiths sure are a secretive bunch. They come and go as they please and have the ability to open just about any door they come across. It’s easy to see why a number of misconceptions have developed over the years about them. With that in mind, here are 14 of the most common misconceptions about locksmiths.

1) Locksmiths only work office hours

In reality, most locksmiths will offer emergency service with some being on call 24-hours a day. This is important since a lockout can happen at any time and assistance might be required late at night or early in the morning. For example, Action Lock Service is one locksmith in Perth to offer these emergency services.

2) Having a lock opened will always cost the same price

Some locksmiths charge extra for service outside of certain hours. In addition to this, certain lock types might also be charged at a higher rate. It is wise to discuss this on the phone before bringing a locksmith out.

3) A locksmith can’t work on every lock

It doesn’t really matter what type of lock it is, most skilled locksmiths can attempt to open it. They can also repair locks that are damaged and get them functioning again.

4) They can open everything

However, a locksmith might not be able to open every lock they come across. Sometimes a lock will be too rusted or complex to be opened.

5) They judge those they are helping

Believe it or not, a locksmith doesn’t think a person is stupid because they left their keys in the car. They understand it’s part of life and are happy to help.

6) Anyone can be a locksmith

Becoming a locksmith requires years of training and apprenticeships which means anyone who wants to give this profession a shot must be willing to put in the work to make it happen.

7) It’s an easy job

Locksmiths find themselves in some troubling situations. Whether it is one spouse locking the other out of the house or having to open the home of someone who recently passed away, there are challenges.

8) Locksmiths are magicians

Nope. A locksmith is just a well-trained individual using the right set of tools.

9) They will keep a key when it is duplicated

Simply put, when a locksmith duplicates a key, they use a process similar to a photocopier. A tracing of the original is made on the blank key and then it is carved. After that, both the original and new key are handed over with no traces remaining.

10) No warranty is available

A number of locksmiths in Perth are willing to provide a warranty with their goods and services.

11) They can’t help protect a home

Locksmiths know what locks work at stopping would be thieves from entering and can install these at most houses.

12) There are no certifications for locksmiths

If a person is looking for a reputable locksmith, they should check to see if the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA) certifies the locksmith.

13) Locksmiths only specialise in one area

Homes, cars and businesses, most locksmiths can provide service just about anywhere.

14) All locksmiths are the same

Each locksmith uses different equipment and offers different services. This should be considered before hiring them.

Now that the truth about locksmiths is finally out there, it is important to find one who can be trusted. This will ensure a locksmith is only a phone call away should they ever be needed.

Your Home is your Future – Design and Build it Well


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 If a person is fortunate enough to be able to design their own home, it is a unique opportunity to create the ideal personalised living space, therefore one should consider many things at the design stage. For such a project, one would require the services of an architect, and a structural engineer, who together, would compile a set of drawings from which to begin.

Long term occupancy

If, for example, a family that had roots in Western Australia, decided to purchase a plot of land and design their own home, they are looking to spend many years living in this structure. At the design stage, one should consider the future, and design the building accordingly. The family will grow, and perhaps extra living space will be needed, and this should be factored into the plans. There are qualified consulting engineers in Perth that specialise in domestic property construction, and would be familiar with the latest composite building materials.

Eco-friendly homes

To create a home in this modern age, the focus would be on energy saving, and a low impact on the environment. With solar power and rain harvesting equipment, one can significantly reduce utility bills, and with the right insulation, the living space will remain a comfortable temperature.

Structural engineer

Of course, one would need the services of a structural engineer, who would work with the architect and transform the blueprints into reality. For Western Australians, BWCE offers engineering services to a range of individual clients, and with more than 15 years’ experience, can handle even the biggest project.

Set the budget

Assuming one has already purchased the land, there will be a limited budget for the construction of the property. The amount of money will very much determine the end result, and by working with the architect, the design will give maximum value for money.

The right architect

The architect is perhaps the single most important person in the chain of professions that are linked to the construction industry, as he or she is responsible for the correct implementation of the building process. It is essential that the architect is involved from the very beginning, and the owner’s concept must be a shared vision, with both the architect and the structural engineer, ensuring that the structure is safe, and can withstand the stresses of the weather.

The right materials

The design team would be able to make suggestions as to what materials are best used, and with composite fabrications, there is little impact on the environment, and they are practically maintenance free. Brick and concrete buildings require frequent renovations, so maintenance should be kept to a minimum by selecting the right materials.

The right construction team

The best solution is to consult the architect, who would have an association with many builders, and having worked together many times, the project would be completed on schedule and to budget. The architect and structural engineer are both actively involved in the building process, and are constantly inspecting the work at various stages.

Designing one’s own living space is becoming more and more popular, as people are turning away from mass produced dwellings, to a more individual design.

You Can’t Make a Pretty Home with an Ugly Carpet


The home is a place for comfort and convenience, and each dwelling is unique in its layout, which the occupants are responsible for. The décor of each room, the furniture and fittings, are all unique to that environment. Most people take pride in the appearance of their home, and spend considerable amounts of time and money making the dwelling comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

The carpets

The average home is carpeted in every room, with fitted carpets being very popular, as it gives a customised floor covering that is cut to fit the room. Modern carpets are long lasting, and with proper care, one can expect to get at least 10 years of use.  From an interior design viewpoint, the carpets are a foundation for colour, and dictate the shade co-ordination, so the choice of both colour and type is important.

Carpet maintenance

Regular deep cleaning is recommended for most carpets, especially high traffic areas, and the best way to clean carpets is with a dry cleaning process. There are modern carpet cleaning services, such as Chemdry Express, who provide a thorough clean at a reasonable cost.

Vacuum often

All carpets should be vacuumed frequently, especially the deeper pile carpets, and although the vacuuming process removes a majority of the dirt and grime, regular dry cleaning is also advised. A deep dry clean two or three times a year will ensure that the carpet remains clean and fresh, retaining its rich colour. If a person is looking for carpet dry cleaning in Perth, there are online companies that provide a thorough service, and are experts in all aspects of carpet care. will guide you finding the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet.

Vacuuming often is all well and good, but you need to make sure that you are using the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet and floors. There are thousands of options to choose from, especially many new cordless electric machines.
The GTech Pro 2 gets good reviews because it is lightweight, easy to use, and works across hard floors as well as carpets without having to make any setting changes.
This type of cordless electric vacuum is more suited to smaller homes because of the shorter run time and smaller head unit. For larger homes, you'd want to use a more powerful machine and probably one which was corded so it lasted long enough.

Design concepts

The professionals will always say that one should base the colours of the room on the carpet, rather than the walls. Paint and wallpaper come in a wide range of shades, so it is easy to match up with the base items like furniture and carpets. Light blue is an ideal carpet colour, as it complements beiges and browns, and provides a nice contrast with the greens from indoor plants.

Draw a plan for each room

Often it is hard to imagine how a room will look with the new colour scheme, so it is a good idea to draw a plan, and use three colours, one dark, one light, and one bright shade. Use swatches or paint tabs to colour the plan, and this will give one an idea how the colour scheme will work. Each room should have its own mood, and moving from one room to the next should have a balanced feel. Avoid using too many bright colours, and keep things simple.

Paint or wallpaper?

The choice is there, and if one prefers paint, the latest technology ensures that an exact shade can be reproduced consistently. One might prefer a sheen finish, or perhaps matt, if one is looking for a softer feel, and with wallpaper, there are textures and patterns to enhance the room.

Choosing the right carpet isn’t just about the wear and tear, it is also a colour foundation for the room, and therefore colour should be taken into account when selecting the carpet.

Note: partnered post • CC-licensed image of a very pretty, not ugly, rug

Your Bathroom, Your Way


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Bathrooms are generally one of the last rooms to consider when it comes to remodelling and customising. These rooms tend to be tucked away out of public view, so on the whole bathrooms don't get as much attention as they should.  It's so easy to spend a fortune on other parts of the house but a customised, stylish and relaxing bathroom is hard to beat.

Even if funds are a little low, bathrooms can be updated for a modest fee. There are many ways to refresh a bathroom without breaking the bank. Top quality shower screens Perth for instance that are available to buy from recommended suppliers are practical and will add exceptional interior design to any size bathroom. Shower screen dimensions can be specified and customised to fit perfectly into the space, so find out more about bespoke screens which come in a variety of glass.

Upgrade that bathroom

There are a number of ways to upgrade the bathroom. Here are a few to consider:

  • Lights and mirrors – without the right lighting even a bathroom can feel somewhat drab and depressing. Start with the least expensive lighting, fix and add a few mirrors to reflect the light around the room. Bright or mood lighting will set the tone while a room-length mirror can make an instant impact.  It's also a good idea to make the most out of natural light that comes into the bathroom. Trim back any outside shrubbery and replace those thick curtains or open those dowdy blinds.
  • Upgrade bathroom accessories – changing hardware and bathroom accessories may be the easiest, most inexpensive way to spruce up a bathroom. Glass and hardware accessories will help to make any improvement along with small items like new toothbrush holders, soap dishes or a bathroom rug. How about a new bathroom splashback? Reputable suppliers have a great choice of fashionable colours in their painted glass range. Ideal for bathroom feature walls, great value for money splashbacks are resilient and easy to maintain. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms providing eye-catching colour transmission and great designs.
  • Simplify storage – there's nothing worse than half-empty bottles of shampoo and abandoned beauty products lying around a bathroom. They are unsightly and can make a bathroom look as well as feel, untidy. Simple storage solution products are affordable and attractive, providing a bathroom with adequate storage space and a more modern appearance. Bathrooms tend to have plenty of unused wall space, ideal for installing new, trendy storage units.

So there we have it, a few suggestions of how to improve and upgrade a bathroom without having to break the bank.

Reduce shower splash

OK, we've talked about bathroom improvements and upgrades, but don't neglect water spillage. Having a shower without a shower screen will soon see water seeping into the walls and floors, causing damage. To prevent this Rockingham Glass manufacture shower screens which are perfect for stopping water from splashing all over the bathroom.

Ten Signs You Should Invest In Renovation


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It is only natural that over time a house with start to show signs of wear and tear. This means that it could be time for some building renovations in Perth. There are dozens of ways to successful repair problems with a house. However, before embarking on renovation projects it is best to budget properly and plan for any unexpected circumstances. There is nothing worse than starting a renovation project only to discover that it cannot be completed because of lack of money.

Here are ten signs that it is probably a good time to invest in renovation. Building renovations in Perth by Addstyle can give homes a new lease of life.

Cracked Driveways

If the driveway has become cracked because of the heat or overuse, then it is a good idea to have a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete laid down. This fresh layer should last for years, but always be on the lookout for new patches of damage. Weeds can grow through the concrete and cause damage, so make sure to dig out the roots completely.

Rattling Windows

Rattling windows are a sign that they have slipped out of place and need to be removed. Old, rattling windows can let heat escape from the house and cause energy bills to be too high. The noise from rattling windows can also stop people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can potentially cause a lot of damage to the rest of the house. Rainwater can cause damp to rot the beams in the roof. Loose tiles could also fall off the roof and injure someone. Hire a company to replace any loose or cracked tiles.

Not Enough Space In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is vital that there is enough space in order to make meals easily. If the kitchen feels too cramped then it is time to plan a renovation which makes the kitchen a better place to prepare food.

Not Enough Room For Guests

Guests should be comfortable when they come to stay. If you find that you are forced to sleep on the sofa in order to give visitors a bed for the night, this is not a good sign. Why not convert the attic into a spare bedroom?

Clutter Around The House

Having clutter around the house is a sign that there is not enough storage space. In this case, renovating a cramped attic would provide a place to store unwanted or unused items.

Faulty Electrics

Power cuts and faulty electrics can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Make sure that the wiring of the house is replaced and regularly inspected for faults.

Faulty Plumbing

Creaking pipes and broken toilets are extremely inconvenient. If these problems persist then it is time to have the bathroom redone.

Cracked Brickwork

Brickwork should be repointed if moisture is seeping through and causing the bricks to crack. This can be an expensive process, so make sure to budget properly.

Peeling Paintwork

Paintwork should be given a fresh coat at least once a year to keep the house looking presentable.

Follow this guide to make home renovation easy!

Kitchen Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Here's a useful trick for helping to plan your new kitchen – check out this Kitchen Visualizer Tool.

It is not uncommon for the word ‘remodelling’ to be associated with costly and expensive. This may have been true a few years ago, but certainly isn’t the case today. In fact, you can do most home improvement projects on a tight budget and still have the results you’ve been dreaming of. In this article, however, we are going to focus on some kitchen improvement ideas that will not break the bank.

Open Shelves and New Countertops

A simple thing you can do to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter is to switch to open shelves. Instead of using closed cabinets and letting them fill the wall of your kitchen, it is much trendier and more modern to go with open shelves.

There are gorgeous shelves that will suit your kitchen beautifully too. You can choose shelves from the same material as your countertop to create a more uniformed look. The design of the shelves can be customised to suit your needs and personal preferences as well.

Replacing your kitchen countertops is also a good and affordable kitchen improvement idea to consider. It offers the perfect chance to add an entirely new ambience to the kitchen. You can influence the mood of the kitchen by going from a darker countertop to a lighter one.

Induction Cooktop

Another kitchen improvement to consider is installing an induction cooktop. Unlike conventional stoves, an induction cooktop doesn’t use open flames to cook. Instead, heat is transferred via induction – hence the name – and you get a clean, modern-looking surface in return. As a matter of fact, the best induction cooktop looks more like pieces of glass on top of your kitchen counter. They’re absolutely beautiful.

There are numerous reasons why induction cooktops are the best kitchen improvement to get. For starters, they heat up quite quickly, which means you can shorten your cooking time a lot. Since heat is transferred onto the cookware directly, there is no risk of fire as well. It works automatically when a metal cookware is placed on the surface.

More Light

One last kitchen improvement idea we are going to discuss in this article is to add more light. There are a few ways you can do this, but the best – and most dramatic way – is to actually add skylights to your kitchen. Install skylight windows on the roof of your kitchen and you can get more light in during the day. This alone will transform the kitchen entirely.

You can also add mood lighting and light tubes to the kitchen. You don’t want the kitchen to be too bright when you use artificial light, but adding different hues and installing a couple of Solatube lights can really brighten the mood in the kitchen. Besides, you’ll enjoy cooking in a well-lit kitchen so much more.

What do you think? Which kitchen improvement idea do you like the most? These are just some ideas to get you started with your own remodelling project. Be sure to explore other possibilities and plan your own project based on your needs and personal preferences to get the best results without breaking the bank.

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How to make a small bathroom look bigger


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Bathroom is one of the most important spaces within your home. If you think about it, your family spends more time in a bathroom during the day, than any other room (except for the bedroom). Also, this space is very important for guests. Although they might not notice dust on the floor or stains on the windows, they will most likely notice anything out of the ordinary within your bathroom. This is because we associate it with hygiene. If your guest doesn’t feel comfortable inside, it is something that can speak badly about you.

If you have a limited space, it can represent quite a nuisance. Your guests will be constricted and on top of it, the room will most likely look bad. Luckily for us, there are numerous tricks which you can use in order to make your small bathroom look bigger.


  • Proper planning


This is a no-brainer. Small bathrooms require special attention given that there are so many things which you have to put in them. Planning starts during construction or renovation. It is best to take measures of all items that you possess (or wish to purchase) and find them a place within the room. Visualize how that room will look like and whether you will be able to move around. Biggest mistakes are done during this phase as people overestimate size of certain objects and are prepared to buy them regardless of the fact that they won’t be functional.  Naturally, make sure that all the doors and drawers can be opened normally.


  • Put focus on one object


If you have a small bathroom, the fact that you have limited space will not change no matter what you do with objects within it. So, in order to make the best out of it, try to distract visitors by placing emphasis on one object. This way, people will not notice lack of space. Instead, they will admire your nice mirror or a bathtub. It all comes down to where they are looking.


  • Use tall cupboards


Similarly to vertical stripes on dresses, tall cupboards are much slimmer. Even though horizontal ones seem as a better option in terms of functionality, this is not the case. You can put exactly the same number of things in both horizontal and vertical cupboard (as long as they are of a same size). Yes, it might be a hassle crouching or jumping in order to get something but at least your bathroom will look much nicer. Also, horizontal cupboards can be perceived as much more of an obstacle because they take much more space on the floor. Tall cupboards utilize space much better as they go all the way to the ceiling.


  • Place things on a lower or on a higher level


As we mentioned, making your bathroom look bigger is all about simple tricks. When a person enters this room (or any other room in your home), he usually notices things which are on the same level as his eyes. Everything else will be neglected. So, instead of placing everything around chest and waist level, it is better to put objects much higher or lower. This is something that can be done with shelves. Truth be told, most of the items in our bathroom are used occasionally. So, there is no reason not to place things on a higher or lower level.


  • Distribute things evenly around the bathroom


Some people with small bathrooms think that it is best if they place everything in one corner. By doing this, rest of the bathroom will look more spacious. This is completely wrong. People being people, they will first notice a clutter in the corner which will have the dominant impact when forming their opinion regarding your bathroom. Instead of making this mistake, make sure to distribute everything evenly.


  • Get rid of anything that is not necessary


This could’ve been mentioned at the beginning of the text. However, it is something that should be used as a last resort. Have in mind that you need to use your bathroom everyday unlike your guests who occasionally come over. Although you can transfer all your makeup in bedroom, ask yourself whether you actually wish to do it.

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Come dine with me

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Anyone who takes pride in their home will understand how important it is that their dining room looks amazing and the other room in any home that many people like to keep in tip top shape is their kitchen. A new property will only feel like a home when it is filled with everything that is personally appealing to the owner and this means that it is important to ensure that everything from the materials used during the building process through to the interior décor suit a specific style.

A dining room is often one of the most used rooms in a home, as it is where people eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes a kitchen will have a dining area as well and this can be a great place to sit and eat breakfast but whichever room in a property is used to dine in; it is a good idea to make sure that it looks and feels comfortable. Reliable builders in Perth or indeed in any other big city in the world will be able to offer advice on how to create a great dining room, from which particular room should be the dining room through to where the doors and windows should go.

Open Plan Dining Room

Many modern homes feature an open plan layout and the dining room therefore often shares a space with a lounge or a kitchen. Any good building company will be able to provide advice about how to create a modern open plan dining area and below are a few of the things that need to be considered, whatever type of layout is chosen:

  • Where the door into the room should go
  • Where the windows are
  • How large the space is
  • Where a table and chairs would go
  • How accessible the dining room is in relation to the kitchen

Top Tip: People often like their kitchen to be located close to a dining room, as they will often be carrying food from the kitchen into the dining area so it can be awkward if the dining room is on the opposite side of the property.

Modern vs Traditional

It can often be hard to decide which style to decorate a new home in. Should it be traditional or modern? Should the dining room feature wooden chairs or a glass table? Any good building company can offer advice about which style will suit the layout and the look of the property, but the overall decision is something that the individual homeowner will need to decide about themselves.

Companies such as Aveling Homes can help homeowners to find a design that suits their style and here are a few things to consider when decorating a dining room:

  • What colour the walls should be
  • If the floor is wooden or carpeted
  • Which room the dining room should be

A modern dining room may be part of an open plan design, while a more traditional dining area might feature a serving hatch between the dining room and the kitchen and which design is chosen will largely depend on personal style.

How To Maximise The Value Of Your Property


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It wasn’t so long ago that climbing the property ladder was considered a sure-fire way to make a profit, so long as you knew how to increase a home’s value and where to make a smart investment. Nowadays, the property market isn’t so assured, and the consequential results of the post global disaster include a more sceptical approach to securing a mortgage and increased difficulty when it comes to selling a house. Home ownership is inherent with a range of undeniable benefits but frustration can arise when moving to a new property becomes a necessity.

You could belong to a generation that bought their first home at a young age, perhaps in their 20s to 30s around ten years ago. The collapse of the property market was largely unanticipated during that period of recent history, and brand-new homeowners were probably expecting to see the value of their first home continue to increase. However, despite the uncertainty of major world economies, you might be one of many homeowners who needs to sell their current property to upgrade, whether it’s due to growing family numbers or inadequate space. Additionally, newcomers to the market are still looking for a home they can call their own, and making sure you take a few vital steps could help you secure a quick and profitable sale.

London is still growing, and it’s one of the most important global cities on the map. This fact poses the challenge of selling a property in a highly-competitive market, but it’s worth remembering that finding the right buyer could prove to be hugely profitable. If you want to enter your property into a competitive market with a fighting chance, it might be time to get in touch with experienced London builders to make some renovations that could significantly increase your asking price.

This article will elaborate on some of the home improvements you can make that will help you find your property’s next owner. While some enhancements will require a larger investment that others, the resulting profit could more than warrant the cost of the total expenditure.

Optimise Your Roof

When you’re trying to sell your house, it’s highly possible you’re avoiding spending money in expensive areas such as your roof. A whole replacement could total into the thousands, but an abundance of home hunters are likely to ask questions about your roof’s maintenance. Buyers are under more pressure than ever to investigate a property’s condition because they’re required to save for a deposit that’s likely to largely drown their savings.

Resulting from the need to be vigilant with their investment, many home buyers will wish to investigate the condition of a property from top to bottom. A degraded roof can be costly to repair, and it’s a cost that your potential buyer will want to avoid. If you don’t want local competitor’s properties to be more appealing than yours, here’s some advice that could be useful:

  • Have your roof inspected thoroughly – Even if you’re under the impression your roof is in top condition, reinforcing it with a recent thorough roof inspection will prove to be an invaluable selling point. Only a professional’s confirmation can prove the stability and quality of a roof, and you could secure a quick sale if you can assure interested parties an imminent costly investment isn’t required.
  • If the professional’s find problems, fix them and attend to any resulting damage – Leakage caused by degraded roofs can result in mould and mildew damage, as well as structural problems affecting the whole property in extreme cases. It’s a good idea to deal with issues before they get out of hand, especially when you’re trying to market your property as a decent investment.

Modernise Your Interior

While interior décor doesn’t provide hard evidence of a neglected or well-looked-after property, modern first-time buyers are looking to save money in every area possible. Properties that appear to have been unaltered or modernised for decades will inadvertently convey a lack of attention, and that often results in the overall perception of the condition of your home to be compromised.

To boost the image your home conveys, you might consider making a couple of small tweaks that will result in a profitable return on investment when it comes to securing a sale.

  • Eliminate any and all noticeable defacements – Plastered walls will inevitably crack, wallpaper will peel, and carpets will showcase stains and signs of age. All of those problems may have affected you minimally during your tenure, but potential buyers will categorise them as an evidential omen of a required potentially steep future investment.
  • Make basic changes to your décor – Your tastes in style and fashion only matter for as long as you want to reside in your current property. When it comes to making a sale, the easiest way to achieve a modern look is by adopting a neutral, contemporary style. Cheap laminates and light wall painting will do the trick, so long as the finished job shows no flaws or bad workmanship.

Invest in Experts and the Return on Investment will be Noticeable

Selling your property could be due to financial necessity, a need for a larger home or a result of emigration. There are many more reasons than that, but ensuring you receive the best price for your home is likely going to come at a cost. There’s nothing stopping you from attempting home renovations DIY style, but paying for professionals is likely to be less risky.

London boasts an abundance of professional builders that possess the knowledge and experience to optimise your property, and finding the most qualified for your needs is best done using an online directory such as Thomson Local. Revamp costs will undeniably be an investment and therefore, you want the revamp to be accomplished to a level of near perfection the first time. With a bit of work, patience and research, there’s no reason you don’t stand a fighting chance of selling your home for a decent price in a competitive and uncertain market.