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Today the market of windows offers thousands of unique designs, styles, colors, sizes, and any other dimensions to match unique needs of your home renovation project. Even if you cannot find the right windows for your home, manufacturers offer customized choices to help you make the dreams come true. Windows are one of the most essential elements of any home so they must be chosen very carefully and precisely to have in mind not only their visual appeal but also functionality. Below we prepared eight main types of windows offered by the market to familiarize you with the possible options.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are the most popular type of windows for residential use because they are the most universal. Windows experts in Brampton explain that these units have two sashes which slide vertically up and down inside of the windows frame. As a result either top or bottom part of a windows can be opened offering great ventilation to a room. They always remain inside of the frame and do not protrude out of the house which is very useful for apartments.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are second most popular choice of home owners. These windows are also hinged and are easily operated by a turn of a crank. Depending on the needs of your home and its stylistic features you can hang them on the left or right side t complete the design.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and they open outward to let in air from the bottom and either left or right part. Awning windows are mostly chosen to improve air ventilation of any room and are great for kitchens and bathrooms. Very frequently they are installed in a combination with stationary or operating windows at their top, bottom, and even on the side. The great benefit of awning windows, according to Toronto window cleaning team, is their simplicity in maintenance which is another reason to consider them for bathrooms and kitchens.

Picture Window

Picture windows are also known as fixed windows. This is a variety of stationary window which is not operable so does not let any fresh air in the room, however offers the biggest amounts of natural light. Most frequently picture windows are used in combinations with operable units in large spaces with great views outside.

Transom Window

Experts explain that transom windows are very narrow window and can be either operable in order to let in fresh air or non-operable and installed above another window or a door to simply let in more natural light.

Slider Windows

Slider windows glide along the track and as a rule have at least one operating window part. Most slider windows slide horizontally, however some designs also slide past the other window part. Most frequently slider windows are installed to complete the curb appeal of modern- and contemporary-style houses. 

Bay or Bow Windows

As a rule, bay or bow windows in Toronto are used to create more interior space because they protrude out from the exterior of the house. Bay and bow windows are often installed together with stationary units in the middle for better look. As a rule, designers use either double-hung or casement windows. 

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