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Why Homeowners Need To Take Garage Security Seriously


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. Photo by Hewn & Hammered.

Purchasing a property requires a significant investment, and then there are the added costs of maintenance, energy bills and food. However, home ownership is usually something most people aim for, and that makes the expenditure well worth it once they have a property to call their own. However, security is an important aspect that needs to be considered because the consequences of theft can be detrimental.

Many homeowners may have insurance packages in place to cover at least some of the cost in the event of a burglary. But even if insurance pay-outs cover the entire cost of a property’s contents, many valuables are simply irreplaceable. There are items that are rare or bought from a foreign country, and there are the items that hold real sentimental value.

One of the most common areas for theft is a property’s garage. Criminals are drawn to garages because there’s often an expensive vehicle or tool box stored inside. If a garage door is in any way damaged or vulnerable, homeowners should aim to get repairs as soon as possible, whether it’s a completely new garage door or replacements for garage door remotes in Perth.

Keeping Garages Secure

If a garage door is broken or the electronic locking system fails, it’s potentially vulnerable to theft. The longer a garage is left in disrepair, the more chance it has of being a victim of crime. It’s always best to make sure garages are as secure as possible, and that means getting repairs quickly.

  • Lost remotes – Many garage doors are opened and closed with the use of a remote control and electronic locking system. Oftentimes, if something goes wrong with the remote or the lock, the garage’s security is compromised and that could give burglars access to its contents. It’s best to replace locking systems garage door remotes in Perth in a timely manner to ensure a garage performs when it comes to the security aspect.
  • Dents and noticeable damage to doors – Even if a noticeable dent doesn’t immediately affect a garage’s security capabilities, it could look like an easy break-in opportunity for burglars looking for vulnerable properties. In addition, homeowners want their homes to look in good condition, and damaged garage doors could make a home look neglected in terms of maintenance
  • Extra security – Some homeowners may wish to boost their garage’s security beyond just a traditional locking system. They may choose to install CCTV, motion detectors or an alarm system to alert them in the event of an attempted burglary. If a garage’s contents is extremely valuable, installing additional security features may be a good idea.

The last thing anybody needs is to return home from work to find their garage has been broken into, whether it’s been forced open or simply entered due to a faulty locking system. Replacements for garage door remotes in Perth, as well as locks and other repairs, are more affordable than many people would expect, and the investment provides peace of mind that a garage will put up good resistance to attacks.