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When the economy hit rock bottom at the latter part of the last decade, many dads were displaced from jobs they had been doing for countless years. Unfortunately, many times there were others with a longer history with the companies they had been working with and being senior, were the ones to keep their position. Many dads have gone from job to job trying to find a spot in their own fields of expertise, but with so many people out of work, it became almost impossible and so they chose other fields.

If you are disenchanted with the availability of jobs in your field, have you thought about putting your handyman skills to work for you? Why not start a home-based window renovations business! There is always a call for windows, both residential and commercial, and with so few companies willing to take on smaller jobs, you just might have a corner on the market! With a technologically advanced Perspex sheet from SimplyPlastics and a few tools, you could be in business within days. Here’s what you need.

Work Experience Required

Actually, if you have any kind of experience in construction – any at all – you are probably well qualified for window renovations. Usually it’s only a matter of replacing broken panes of glass or replacing outdated and milky glass with technologically advanced Lucite Perspex available from Simply Plastics. Construction experience would qualify you for cutting out and replacing window frames that have rotted over time and it would also help you understand the importance of structural integrity when working with replacing and repairing structural elements. Precision in measuring is of vital importance and a skill that anyone in construction should be proficient in.

Business Licenses and Insurance

Once you’ve decided on a name for your home-based windows renovations business the next thing to do is apply for local licenses. You will need a business license in order to qualify for the insurances you need to carry and of course you need insurance to protect yourself against loss. Many commercial jobs, even relatively small ones, require that their contractors carry liability insurance. This protects them and reassures them that the contractor they are dealing with (you) is a professional. Now it’s time to build a clientele.

A Few Closing Words on Building Your Own Corner of the Market

As a new startup, chances are you don’t have a great deal of money for advertising. One thing you can do is to have business cards printed and these you would distribute to local contractors in your area. From there you can join business associations, get out and about talking to people and perhaps spend a little money listing your local business with Google. You may benefit from a website but even if you don’t have the wherewithal to have one professionally built for you and no talent to build your own, you could build a presence on social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. With the right credentials and business insurance, a strong motivation to build your market share and a few basic tools of the trade, you could be a successful home-based business man before the turn of the new moon, and that’s pretty darn quick!