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How Coloring & Drawing Help Child Development


Coloring and drawing is a very effective way of helping children to improve their motor skills. Finer motor skills are what help a child to be able to write, dress themselves as well as buttoning their clothes and also to be able to grasp things well. When a child’s fine motor skills is very weak, he or she will not be able to feed themselves, write legible work or even dress themselves up.

Beautiful easy things to draw can be found anywhere. A parent could search for drawing tutorials on iconic childhood heroes from cartoons and pair the drawing and coloring process with educative, fun facts in attempt to further emphasize the educational construct of drawing and coloring.

Importance of Coloring to a developing child

Children are able to overcome any inner pain that they may be experiencing, through coloring. This is due to studies which have been carried out , it is noted that if a kid is trying to come into terms with loss, either of a parent, friend or even pet, coloring is the best outlet that can help them to overcome this pain. Most people assume that children are too young to recall death of anyone or their pets. However, according to studies, this is not the case. Children do notice and remember death so it is important to help them deal with it by offering them an outlet where they can color their pain away.

Why Coloring is Essential

It is very important to allow your child to spend enough time drawing and coloring. This is simply because it helps in teaching them the fine motor coordination. When teaching your child how to draw and coloring, you can make use of crayons, markers, colored pens and pencils and also chalk on surfaces boards. On driveways at home, you should set aside some part for the child to use sidewalk chalks to draw different scenes that are in their heads on the real surfaces. You could also get coloring games for your child as they are very important in enhancing the development of a child.


It is very important for a child to develop fine motor skills while they are still growing from a very early age as it will help them in performing very basic duties such as feeding themselves, grasping things among so much more. The motor skills also work with the eye hand coordination and other activities that aid child development. You could start by letting your kid to solve puzzles starting from the simple ones to more complex ones. With time, the ability they gain from puzzles will help them in identifying colors and drawing thus developing their motor skills very well.

How Frequently These Techniques Should be Used

A child should perform coloring and drawing activities at least one time everyday. They should do this for about thirty minutes every single day. This will help the child to be able to identify different shapes and colors and also be able to develop all the necessary cognitive skills that they need. However, avoid forcing your child to do anything if they do not want, discouraging a child is never recommended but at a low age this can have highly negative results.


Drawing helps in muscle coordination, wrist and finger movement, coordination and general physical development, drawing nurtures creativity and the child’s imagination, it is a process that one cannot simply overlook, something of immense beauty that create a natural bond with natural environment, one of immense beauty and grand importance.

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