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Choosing the Right Estate Agent when Putting Your House for Sale


Many people decide to move home, maybe a few times in their lives. It’s very important to have a home looking good for new owners while making sure a good estate agent deals with the sale. Buying and selling property should be left to the experts although home owners do have a say in things like:

  • The price
  • What’s included in the sale – curtains, carpets, blinds, white goods
  • Timescale for the sale
  • Viewing times

A house for sale that’s been well cared for and kept highly maintained won’t stay long on the market, that’s for sure. Do a little research to choose the best estate agents around, after all a good service and a good profit is what home owners are after.

Moving on

Even if the next home purchased is old or new, it’s highly recommended to check out builders who can build a home that’s both stylish and elegant. Just:

  • Choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • State minimum and maximum price
  • Stipulate the block width
  • Select home features like activity, theatre, study, store and al fresco

Have a new home designed to required specifications or with the help of professional builders, let experts assist in making suggestions that may not have been thought of.  With so many beautiful home designs available as well as fantastic locations, it may take a while to make a final decision. Don’t rush, the next home has to be perfect and the right investment option.

Living in luxury

Luxury living just can’t be beaten. Choosing a new home needs to be done with care and consideration. First of all find the perfect block of land then the type of house most suitable. In Australia, the Red Ink Homes company can help in many ways – and in the UK, talk to East London’s Harland’s – as their friendly advisers will:

  1. Search for land
  2. Suggest different house styles
  3. Help with finance
  4. Stay within the budget

Whether it’s near the town, closer to beaches or out in the country, reputable building firms have some fantastic property for sale. Most homes have side access which allows for a workshop or shed to be built as well as boat or caravan parking space. Expect internal wall painting, vinyl plank flooring to living areas and carpeting in bedrooms with wardrobes as well as blinds fitted to windows.

Kitchens have stainless steel sinks with side drainers while bathrooms are often en suite with china basins and dual flush toilets.

Looking for a house for sale?

Look no further than builders who create homes with metal roofs, treated roof timbers, full paint finishes, lights to external porticos and often double garages.

Check out display homes

As the name suggests display homes have been specifically built so customers will see at firsthand how a new home can look. With stunning furnishings, great colour schemes, a display home is a very good investment for first time buyers or those wishing to move on.

partnered post  • cc-licensed image by Mark Moz