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A Journey Into Acrylic Paintings – Tips and Design Inspiration

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Despite your aptitude, pretty much anybody can begin with acrylic painting to flawlessly disentangle his inventiveness. Requiring a negligible venture, painting is one of the world`s most rewarding leisure activities, one that sustains the creative energy of the individual and liberates the psyche; painting is also one of the few hobbies that can still be practiced today inexpensively and the balance between the immense rewards on both the graphic outcome, one`s calm and peace throughout the process and the inexpensive nature of the hobby simply puts this activity on the podium, painting is without a doubt one of the most pure activities that one can undertake today.

Three things you need to get started down the painting path:

  • A canvas
  • A set of acrylics
  • One set of brushes

These three are the main elements of the process yet one should note that acrylics paints work on most surfaces with ease and that this type of paint is actually used very often in DIY Projects around the globe to personalize simple mundane items like flower pots or wooden boxes so if you think about it, the canvas is optional as you can use any medium to get creative in the beginning.

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Using acrylics is no rocket science and that alone makes the hobby appealing. If you`re just starting there are a things to consider and we will present them below, cast a glance.

  • Keep your paints moist but not over-diluted. It is important to have your paints moist as this will ensure a smooth glide over your canvas, avoiding the awkward, jagged lines that would otherwise occur. Keep in mind that most manufacturers have a 40-50 % dilution grade and that should not be trespassed as the paint itself will lose its adhesive qualities.
  • Acrylic painting is a process based on layering and this thing alone highlights the importance of the paint`s adhesive qualities. If you have problems with over-dilution you can purchase pre-diluted sets of paint yet these are usually addressed to the more experienced user as hues are harder to control. These pre-diluted paints have their advantage, the color is solid, bold and really intense and it can be used to create extraordinary contrasts.
  • Start your painting with a “colored tone” or “toned ground” . This is basically a layer painted on the blank canvas, it can be transparent or of a solid color. Commonly earthy tones like ochre’s are being used to make the transition towards background hues easy and natural.
  • The white paint does not function as an eraser. Sadly things are not easy to mediate if your painting goes wrong yet here creativity and imagination comes in, your canvas indirectly invites you to improvise, get creative, get into the zone. Try to transform the items that went go wrong into something else and transform the scene smoothly. A future self will have learned from this experience and in time your painting skills will improve. The more mistakes you make the more you`ll learn.
  • Do not go overboard with expensive materials. Ask any professional with what brushes a beginner ought to start and he`ll reply swiftly with “the cheapest”. That is because the beginner is stepping into a new experience, a new realm in which he will sculpt the self. He`s going to learn what he needs for his emerging painting style and painting pace by itself. The individual requires practice to learn his own needs.
  • Professionals also recommend the storing of acrylics in the fridge, especially for started recipients that cannot be closed anymore for whatever reason. Simply placing the color palette or recipients in a plastic box with a lid can prolong the life and usage of the ink for days or weeks.
  • Place ink on your color pallet in increments, drop by drop create only as much colors as you`re certain of using. Dried out ink cannot be used anymore and there simply is no purpose in losing materials. This perfect balance will of course be found as you progress with painting.

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If you got this far you are now ready to start your acrylic painting endeavors and to help you get started we have featured a small gallery below that you`ll surely find interesting. Cast a glance at the gallery below and surge inspiration.

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What do you think? Do you agree that acrylic painting became a practice of great importance for the individual’s calm and peace?