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A Few Crazy Side Table and Coffee Table Ideas!


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by John Loo.

DIY furniture is fun. DIY furniture is creative and DIY furniture is cheap. Thanks to our hectic cubicle-bound lifestyle, we mostly fail to shell out the time required to shape our own home décor ideas into reality. However, there are days when you’re just ready with your hand saw, veneers and table saw to create that perfect coffee table or side table! The thrill of creating something on your own isn’t easy to contend and you are just too eager to see the end product. The only glitch, however, is that you are running out of ideas. Don’t worry! You just need a little inspiration to craft that beautiful piece of woodwork for your home. Given below are a few super-refined side table or coffee table ideas. Hope they will provide you with the right kind of inspiration.

DIY Woodwork: Explore Its Fun with these Side or Coffee Table Ideas!

The real beauty of trying out DIY woodwork is that you can possibly employ a wide range of items including your doors, stools and windows to come up with a piece of creative wonder for your home. What better than starting off our discourse with recycling? Take a piece of dysfunctional wooden door for instance. Why waste the entire wood by relegating it to the junk? Try making something out of it!

Try out the mini-version of a Farmhouse Table

Once you are determined to recycle, think about what you can make of it. For instance, if you have a substantial quantity of white distressed wood at your disposal then consider coming up with a smaller version of a traditional farmhouse table with a sturdy exterior. Quite an idea! Who would have thought that those space-consuming farmhouse tables can be shrunk to an ideally space-saving piece of DIY woodwork?

Use those wine crates!

Have lots of unused wine crates at your home? Put them to good use. Try to etch out a coffee table – tiny yet affords sufficient place for your books. What a wonderful idea for a central piece of your living room. The natural “dark coffee” hue of the wine crates ensures that you are not required re-painting it.

Plain pine and suitcase!

If you are a fan of Scandinavian stuff then opt for plain pine and create a very simple fuss-free coffee or side table.

Get three stands and fix them to a mini suitcase and your side table is ready. Keep your books or souvenirs atop and place it at the corner of a small room – so that it does not end up diverting your guests’ attention from the other elements of the room but does draw their attraction nonetheless. This particular idea might sound incongruous at the first instance but let us tell you that it can actually turn out to be a classy cynosure without a doubt. Do not put it into heavy use but keep it simply as a decorative piece.

Unused door

Just as you can join different pieces of wine crates to create a coffee table you can also put an unused door to use. Place the planks atop and on the sides to come up with a complete set.