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4 Stylish Roofing Options for an Artistic Home

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Home design is largely holistic, with every component being just as important as the next. Many people forget to make roofing decisions until they're completing the final steps in the design planning process. However, the aesthetic appearance of the roof is perhaps one of the most visible and space-consuming aspects in your field of vision, and is therefore a pivotal feature that should be crafted to match the décor and color of the rest of the structure. Deviating from the standard asphalt shingles is almost mandatory if you plan for the rest of your home to look like a work of art. Artwork and the most popular commercial options obviously don't mix well. Instead, consider the following four alternative roofing options that work well to accentuate artistic architecture and existing exterior design:


1. Clay

The key advantage of clay shingles and roofing materials is that they're available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures, giving you the freedom to select a look that is perfectly matched to the rest of the project. Of course, they also have an inherently artistic and natural look to them. As an added bonus, these materials are also great insulators and are highly durable, with even primitive adobe and clay houses known to last for many centuries. In fact, clay's ability to endure dry and hot climates makes it a popular material used by roofing companies in Phoenix AZ.

2. Slate

Slate not only looks very classy and elegant, it also does an excellent job of sealing out the elements and is yet another roofing material known to last for centuries without leakage. Be aware that slate is more common in colder climates, as the dark color of the material will attract heat, thereby making it a less suitable option for homes located in tropical or desert regions.

3. Metal

While some would call a metal roof “tacky” or “cheap looking,” in actuality this material is one of the most flexible in terms of weight and color, and as far as artistic value goes, there are few materials that can compete with metal when you're going for a modern metallic shine. The malleability and design variations of metal roofing materials, and the fact that you can paint them any color you'd like, make metals like steel, aluminum, and copper excellent artistic roofing choices.

4. Composite

Composite roofing combines the properties of multiple materials like wood, metal, clay, and concrete to create a fireproof, durable, and stylistically versatile roof. Although this option tends to come in a wide variety of styles and colors, it should be noted that some types of composite roofing might not be suitable for colder climates, as it has a tendency to crack in extremely frigid temperatures.

Follow the Rest of the House

In closing, the best way to choose a material and design style for your home is to focus on matching the rest of the structure while also accommodating the weather conditions of the region. Don't make the mistake of deciding on a roofing style before you have an adequate chance to visualize how it will look on the home. Using a home design software is a great way to preview various styles and get a better idea of what you're getting before making any commitments.