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Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by Timo Newton-Syms.

The garden area is a place that most people utilise, especially in the summer months, and with innovative LED lighting solutions, one can transform an open area, and add character to the property. Subtle lighting that highlights the boundaries of the property, provides a refreshing change from the blackness one usually encounters when looking out the living room window, and with floor-level LED lighting, the effects can be stunning.

Large areas

If one has a large garden area, this can be quite scary, especially in the winter months, but with tiny LED strip lights placed in the right locations, all will be visible, minus any glare that is associated with regular bulbs. One can tastefully lay a trail of strip lights, and at ground level, they are particularly effective. Carlton Lighting in Sydney supply LED strip lights of all shapes and sizes that will add a touch of class to any garden.

The benefits of LED lighting

Apart from using much less electricity to obtain the required light, LED lights last much longer than halogen or other bulb types, with up to 50,000 hours of use. As they use much less power, one can place a few in amongst the bushes and plants, without the fear of burning the leaves. The colours and intensity can be varied, allowing for a much softer light, which brings with it a glowing feeling.

A trusted partner

Once you have located a good lighting supplier, find a local electrician and explain your vision. He or she will be happy to provide the wiring services in a safe manner, by waterproofing all the connections. Correct installation is vital for safety reasons, as rainfall is always just around the corner.

Motion sensor lights

These are great to warn the occupant when someone is walking into the drive, and also for those times when the garbage must be put out, as the light will automatically illuminate the area when a person enters the zone. In the middle of the night, should a thief be considering gaining access through a downstairs window, they will soon be off when a light comes on.


One can section off part of the exterior lighting, so that certain lights will come on automatically, as the level of light drops. Other lights can be manually controlled by a switch, or a remote, which makes it even more convenient. If one is entertaining, the lights can be altered to suit by using the remote control, giving the host the ability to fine tune the ambience.

Safety issues

A typical garden area will incorporate several levels, so it is important to highlight any steps, for obvious reasons. Pathways are excellent for LED strip lights, and with a range of colours, a subtle effect is easy to achieve. All pathways should be illuminated sufficiently to allow for safe walking, and objects likely to cause an obstruction should be visible at night.

The garden can be so much more with the right form of lighting, so plan a makeover, and transform the property.