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Taupe: its dominion in today's interior design


  • Mood board taupe colors inspired by a leaf
  • Balanced taupe color composition with silver accents
  • Taupe textiles varying from warm to cold tones
  • Taupe textile detail of great beauty
  • Balanced neutral taupe composition
  • Textile level taupe color palette
  • Floor level taupe color

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There are a few sets of colors out there with weird names like fuchsia, sarcoline, wenge, Mikado, taupe and even amaranth; true colors that surround us daily, colors that do define the world and space around us, colors that help us perceive and see in depth in this highly complex world. One could say that these colors are barely met yet if you were to search them online you would be amazed by how often you met them and unconsciously overlooked them; they`re used to define high end interior design and contour really spectacular spaces reason for which we are going to address one today: taupe. In the short guide that follows we are going to discuss what is taupe exactly and how one ought to use it in his interior décor.

The significance of color is widely known, the attention being channeled on popular choice and more importantly on popular interior design lines; we all know what a Scandinavian interior design could look like yet what is taupe or how can a transition color work is something different so without further ado, let`s dive right into it.


The answer is less complicated than one would think, the term color however does not function well with the term taupe per say as the taupe is not a color exactly, there is no HEX or RAL code for it but there are numerous color palettes, containing an array of colors that vary greatly from dark tan to grayish browns, they're all delicate, soft, warm and one could even call comfortable yet beautiful is the right word; taupe is a splendid beautiful color palette with extraordinary effects generated in design.

One could now imagine that these tones are absolutely everywhere, they do define the interior design today as they cover a lot of ground, whether they are used as transitional colors or as a flat background color, there are there in huge numbers. The Taupe palette is there because they cover an immense array of colors on one hand and another, they're simply great, they’re very easy on the eye, they contain both warm and cold colors alike allowing them to function well with any color or design.

They breathe, they're transparent, they're a great presence on different levels:

Replace blank walls

Blank walls wear white, a neutral scene of grand beauty that explores airiness, transparency and emphasizes a light theme yet white fails to deliver in most common interior designs in the absence of sufficient light, in rooms in which the furnishings contrast the white background severely or where simply the presence of white reaches a level of purity that becomes obsolete, heavy.

One could replace the blank walls with various taupe colors, these vary a great deal and they can remain neutral, they can be warm to complement a cozy room or cold to receive contrast through textures and textiles. The right background is the one that fits your home and makes you, comfortable, taupe has a lot to offer in this area being without a doubt one of the most common color palettes around the globe whilst managing to remain unique due to its immense contents.

Insert taupe on your flooring

Taupe resides beautifully on ground floor as well and if you are wondering yourself if taupe with taupe works the short answer is yes, beautifully. The wide array of colors can even create contrast at both texture and color level, taupe can mean a beautiful natural stone or a very prominent hard wood floor, taupe can mean laminate floors or a neutral carpet; you are to decide what fits your need and budget.

Keep in mind that the natural materials always win in the long run, surround yourself with nature and the whole image will change a great deal.

nestle taupe in great fabrics

Fabrics do animate everything, at the end of the day, comfort is all that we seek when we reach our shelter and fabrics are the most direct objects to comfort us; even if they`re often overlooked, the delicate, fluffy pillow and our favorite armchair blanket are here for us at our worse and our best.

Nestling a visually comforting color on them too seems only natural, something that simply calms us downs and remains somehow subdued in the ensemble image, awaiting attention, awaiting to complete their comfortable role; taupe is a common choice in textile isles as well, choose wisely.

Taupe is an intricate color palette at the end of the day, one that is present in millions of households in one way or another, it surrounds us and helps us define our homes, it comforts us.

It is worth noting that taupe cannot and should not be able to define our entire home, where taupe becomes the overall theme one needs accents, golden and silver are recommended if the scheme is taupe; depending on the percentage and direction of the color scheme, various other colors can be introduced; seek balance in everything.

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