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For Millennials, buying a home represents a difficult decision in some ways. Many of these young adults were in high school or college when the last housing bubble burst and the Great Recession took hold across the country, so they have been more reluctant to make the big purchase, as compared to their parents’ generation.

With that being said, Millennials are slowly becoming a more active part of the real estate and home buying world, and to keep up with the trend, sellers are looking toward the specific wish lists of these buyers.

Millennials have proved elusive in many areas, ranging from general finances to their careers, so what is it they want when they finally decide to purchase a home?

Clean Lines

Simplicity, efficiency and openness. All design details that tend to be embraced by Millennials. Consider design concepts that focus on clean lines, and a feeling of fresh, open and streamlined design. Clutter tends not to be favored by Millennials, nor do spaces that are designed with many things happening at once. Neutral color palettes and living spaces that can serve many purposes at once without being overcrowded with furniture and accessories are typically favored.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Younger buyers seem to be even more focused on kitchens and bathrooms than older generations, and this is the number one place they tend to put emphasis when they’re making a decision. If you’re thinking about investing some money into your kitchen or bathrooms before putting your home on the market, follow the advice of the real estate gurus at JenniferBuysHouses.com, and do it the right way. Millennials tend to have an eye for quality design materials, and if you try to cheap out in a remodel, particularly in the all-important kitchen or bathrooms, they’re likely to notice.


The younger generations tend to be the most involved with environmental issues, so an excellent way to appeal to these buyers is through the use of green design materials whenever possible. This can include low-VOC finishes, energy-efficient appliances, or natural design materials.

Well-Designed Outdoor Spaces

It’s not just the indoors that matters when you’re designing or remodeling a home to appeal to Millennial buyers—the outdoors are just as important. Try to create outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also that are going to be functional. Entertaining tends to be important to young buyers, and if you can design indoor spaces that seamlessly move to the outdoors, you’re expanding the space they have to host parties and gatherings.

Distinctive Design Details

If you want to revamp your house in a way that’s going to draw in younger buyers, think about the seemingly small design details. Millennials tend to love even the most under-the-radar details that make a home feel unique and one-of-a-kind, from light fixtures to cabinet hardware. A little distinctiveness can go a long way.

Millennial buyers aren’t unlike other generations. They appreciate homes that are a good value, have an excellent location and provide them with opportunities to maintain the lifestyle they want. At the same time, if you want to appeal broadly to younger buyers, the design tips above can get you moving in the right direction.