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Recycling and Upcycling Series – Wine Bottle Crafts and How to Cut Glass

This post is the result of collaboration between Homesthetics.net and Hewn and Hammered.

In our world, every day thousands of glass bottles are taking shape in industrial sites, ready to receive our favorite beverages, ready to be labeled and shipped to our local store from each and every one purchases the bottle for its contents, consumes it and discards it. Simple it seems. What if one was to tell you that the actual energy put into the making of the bottle is far more valuable than its contents; what if one was to tell you that you can save the energy consumed by the planet to create the bottle by not throwing it to the landfill but recycle or upcycle it creatively.

Give bottles a second chance, put them to good use.

Hundreds of thousands of years will be spent by our planet to decompose a single glass bottle thrown into the ground, hundreds of thousands of years will future generations endure our marks if we are not take each and every bottle that we cross paths with seriously and today we call you to action, we need you to share the rightful message, to invite your friends and family and all around you to recycle, repurpose and up-cycle.

It goes without saying that our of these three processes recycling is the way to go, the most natural thing to do and the one that is energy efficient; closely followed by repurposing, one could simply use the containers as they were envisioned by replacing its contents, one glass bottle can be used for milk, another for tomato souce yet maybe the third can be used as a stylish new planter, a wind chime or a beautiful centerpiece that will animate all our future holidays.

The first two alternatives require no additional information one should start right away, one could change the world through a simple act.

Up-cycicling is a different story, for one to beautifully manipulate glass into a new beginning one should surge inspiration and seek for additional information to ensure success. The following graphic tutorial explains how to cut glass bottle crafts through two similar procedures, cast a glance.

How to Cut Glass Bottles Safely in Your Household


The procedure uses insanely simple items that we all have in our households; experiment with both and see with which you are able to make a cleaner cut.

A more experienced crafter could also use power tools to finalize professional wine bottle crafts yet both glass manipulation and power tools should be avoided if the individual is taking the first steps in his diy endeavors.

Do It Yourself Projects Ideas With Glass Bottles

Use Bottles as a Support for Painting


Glass painting is a spectacular activity that many happy individuals take on as a hobby, creating beautiful wall art pieces to gift to friends and family. One could also use glass bottles and wine bottles as a support to create beautiful centerpiece of their décor.

It is worth mentioning that the sculptural shape of the wine bottle can highlight the artwork beautifully and more often than not diy enthusiasts activate the painting with light from within through battery-based string lights, the constant shiver boosting life in the element of décor with great memory.

Tailoring New Epic Glass Bottle Containers For Your Plants



One could use glass and plastic bottles alike to shape entire vertical garden walls, each bottle would contain a plant thus bringing a great deal of greenery into the setting, boasting color and refreshing the air beyond belief.

The bottles can be also sliced horizontally or vertically in order to use the resulting pieces as any other glass flower pot container on the market. Holes on the bottom can be realized with special glass drill bits securely at home yet is recommended to nestle plants that do not require a whole lot of water, plants that have a relatively slow growth rate like succulents and cactuses.

Use Wine Bottle as Centerpieces For Multiple Celebrations



Wine bottle centerpieces can take thousands of shapes, literally. One could simply paint them to obtain the desired result; one could etch monograms or transfer various vinyl models to emphasize the centerpiece.

Wine bottles can be used as centerpieces at during a festive dinner, various holidays and celebrations, get creative with simple elements, put the energy invested into glass bottles to good use.

What do you think? Are these projects worth the effort? We think so and we would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.