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Interior design is by no means simple but nor is it complicated. A good interior design is bound to the inhabitant, the materialization of his own taste, needs and an expression of comfort and familiarity that creates him the feeling of appurtenance that any individual would expect from a shelter, a refuge, a home. That is all. All for each and every one as a result is particular, it means a different story, another setting and another experience, one that we live and breathe more than we admire.

The interior design of a home, not a house but a home should, and in most cases is, narrating the personality of the owner, it adorns experiences, knowledge and identity and as a result it is sheer beauty, the design expression of a complex, beautiful soul that one might entitle poetry.

If you are to transform your house into your home there are no rules, no written rules that you should follow; the short insight in front of us will portray a few topics that one will surely stumble upon in one way or another, position one`s self into a relation with the topic is all the article aims to do, in no way the action of personalizing an interior should be influenced by the writing.

The Interior Scale

The scale of the infusion is relevant from multiple stand points yet the only one should and will probably serve as a standpoint is the property status, how much you are allowed to actually change in your setting? A renter has its interior décor possibilities limited by a contract but that only changes the scale.

A reversible process is the answer. Never abandon the transformation altogether, simply find temporary, reversible design solutions and make your interior speak of yourself, surround yourself of things you love.

While for one making his interior his own might mean building a living room with a glass room towards the garage to gaze at his dream car from the couch for another simply having a family heirloom on display on the side table might be enough. It`s all relative, it`s all about us.

We define our design, the scale, can, define us.

Critical Attitude; In-depth Filter

An expressive interior design is really selective with its contents, no compromises are made, no variables that are out of control for the home owner are present in it.

An in-depth filer and a a really critical attitude towards harmful infusion should protect the décor, very much like our verticality in life, often challenged, often bullied, in design too we should stand. An item that doesn`t fit the organism should not remain, no additions, no mutations of the pure form.

One would never wear a random piece of clothing so why would our interior wear something random, unfamiliar and unintentional?

Your experiences are your own. Your attempt to change your interior décor is your own; dictate your own terms in the process, transform your décor to the better.

Embrace Do It Yourself Projects

The entire design is an expression of the self, it is only natural to see the whole process as a do it yourself endeavor, one that you have carefully planned and envisioned.

Crafts today and do it yourself projects have an immense pool of opportunities ready to dispatch, you can craft your own sofa, coffee table, wall art or phone case. Contemporaneity offers us a great liberty to actually forge our universe and technology actually advertises itself as such even if the reality dissimulates the core.

In design diy projects are relevant for multiple reasons but the tree most important components are sustainability, memory an versatility.

The sustainable nature of crafting and do it yourself project is evident, one could conserve a great deal of energy and revamp simple mundane items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

The memory of crafting is probably the most important aspect for the individual; it basically summons the memory of the crafting process into the picture, a process that binds the crafter to the item that we will use further on. The making of an unique item with your bare hands and the experiences lived by it cannot be simply dismissed, one could argue.

The versatility of the crafting scene is what it has driven the community so far though, simple items being transformed into insanely extraordinary ones with little to no costs is just a little part of the story. DIY projects actually provide value beyond the process, a great deal of value; a simple pallet bed frame can bring hundreds in savings to an individual that actually hated the expense in the beginning due to the poor offer in their price range. Pallet beds can be found anywhere, hundreds of pallet bed ideas can be found online and the item can be personalized beyond belief, why would one pay for a poorly built plastic solution when the natural essence of wood is at this grasp, with little to no costs?

Versatility plays a crucial role in overall décor, the DIY enthusiasts adapts from season to season, he is able to change his interior design line with simple elements that take little to no space, cost nothing and can be reused with ease after the event. In autumn painted wine glasses, wine bottle centerpieces, slice of wood combined with natural elements from the harvest and flower garlands can change the décor beyond belief, all temporary, all reversible, all ready to bring happiness and joy.

Simple and beautiful the expression of the individual in design is. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject In the comment section below.