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After so many years of everything from kitchen sinks to patio furniture to the flooring we walk on every day being made from synthetic materials, trends in home design are finally doing a 180° turnaround, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Now architects and interior designers alike are featuring homes built with natural materials such as highly polished hard wood, granite and marble. To see just how exquisite a home with hardwood flooring would be, check out your local flooring store such as the prestigious Ellegant Home Design located at 1002 W. Dundee Rd. in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Why Naturals Are Trending

With so much emphasis on global warming, businesses and consumers alike are being urged to go with natural materials anywhere possible in their daily living. From buying clothes only made from natural, organic fibers to the materials used in building and/or decorating homes and offices, there is a huge push away from using synthetics such as plastics and laminates that perhaps are cheaper to buy but so much more dangerous to the environment.

Many homeowners don’t stop to think about the fact that one day their floor will have reached its lifespan and will need to be discarded and re-laid. Synthetic materials often take many thousands of years to disintegrate, if at all, which does nothing whatsoever for the ecology other than destroy the natural balance so necessary for life.

If Natural Wood Is Not an Option

Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford the luxury of having a hardwood floor installed because of the cost involved. At times like these, laminate flooring crafted to look like natural wood is perhaps the best option available. This is especially true if manufactured by companies like Armstrong that put a great deal of effort into sustainability. Laminates are so realistic looking that it often takes a builder, home designer or flooring expert to tell the difference.

The key is to find a flooring store that can work with your budget as well as your design. You may not be able to bring the ‘real’ beauty of nature inside, but with proper planning, and a high quality wood laminate, you can have the next best thing. You get the look at less the cost and from a company that goes above and beyond to mitigate any damage to the environment.

Natural Stone Flooring

A great alternative to wood flooring is tiles made from natural stones. There are a number of types you can find at your local flooring store which would most often include:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

Contrary to what you may be thinking, a glass floor is not necessarily going to be transparent. No, you won’t need to look at the timbers underneath and glass, although manufactured, is made from natural materials under extreme heat and pressure. Glass tiles are currently trending and are actually a much better and long-lived option than laminates or linoleums.

Caring for Your Natural Flooring

There is one thing you should be aware of when choosing which type of natural flooring you would like to have installed. Each kind of material will take a different method of care, so it is important to understand what is involved because this could affect your decision. Of all types of flooring, hardwood will take the most effort but the result is well worth the time and expense.

It will be necessary to buy special cleaning solutions that won’t mar the protective finish on the wood. Some types of tiles also require special cleaning products and many even call for plain water to quickly mop up without harming the tile or grout. No matter what type of flooring you are going to use, you will need to learn the best way to clean and care for it because you want to protect your investment and keep it looking new and lovely as long as humanly possible.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the natural beauty of the landscape around you and that’s why you want to bring it indoors. Whether choosing wood, tile or realistic looking laminates, your local flooring store can help you choose the right product to get the look you want. It might be advisable to bring a photo of the room or rooms you want flooring for when speaking with a consultant. Each type of flooring is made to ‘fit’ a décor and some even require certain structural elements to withstand the weight of the materials. However, when all is said and done, the natural beauty you bring indoors will add to the quality of life within – something relaxing and exciting all at the very same time.