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Spring Tune-ups for Your Home


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After a long winter, it’s time to dive into some spring cleaning, both inside and out. Your home undergoes a lot of stresses throughout the seasonal changes from colder darker months to the warmer but sometimes soggy spring. Especially in older homes, the drastic temperature shifts and changes in humidity can cause expansion and contraction of window frames, entryways and shingles that can start to let the weather into your house. Aside from your usual spring cleaning routine, you may want to consider diving into a few maintenance projects that can increase the longevity and efficiency of your home and large appliances.

Sealing and Repainting

Your home’s exterior is the primary thing protecting you from the outdoor elements. It can take a beating over the course of a year, and an annual inspection of your siding can help prevent rot and pest infestations. Regularly repairing your siding and trim and keeping the paint and sealants fresh will help keep the rain from entering and causing internal water damage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping rot and decomposition at bay. Mold and mildew can spread quickly within walls and window fixtures, and treating damaged wood while the problem is still small will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Roofs and Gutters

Missing shingles and cracks in the roof can be difficult to notice without a proper inspection. If you have missing shingles, water and vermin will be able to enter your attic from the roof, potentially causing damage to your insulation and duct work. Trees can also work against you by scraping against your roof and even rubbing off shingles. Spring is a great time to make sure the trees around the perimeter of your house are trimmed and cannot potentially damage your roof. The weight of autumn leaves and winter ice also has the potential to weaken your gutters and downspouts. Thoroughly cleaning your gutters will uphold their integrity and keep them operating at their maximum function. 

Heating and Air

Your HVAC system works hard to keep you comfortable all year. Your furnace, boilers and air conditioning units should be evaluated each spring, before the sweltering summer months hit. Unlike many other spring cleaning projects, proper HVAC maintenance is highly dependent on hiring experts. While you may be able to notice obvious damages and needs for repair, you will have to call the professionals to ensure that your system is running properly and up to code. Since these units use more energy than any other appliance in the house, it is imperative that they are running in tip-top shape.

Spring time tune-ups for your home can give you the peace of mind that your house is prepared for whatever storms or heat waves lie ahead. Keeping up with minor repairs on an annual basis will save you time and money in the long run. It’s important to recognize problems early enough that you can nip them in the bud before they become major, costly renovations. Especially if you reside in an area with dynamic weather and a great range of temperatures throughout the year, annual preventive maintenance is a necessary part of the home owning experience.

4 Clever Tricks to Make Your Small Bedroom Appear Larger


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Whether you've got a small or big bedroom, your personal comfort should always matter and come first. Nothing beats having a serene retreat after a long and stressful day. It is your bedroom that you look forward to when you get tired from working or studying the whole day, so make it a point to make it cozy all the time.

Apparently, having a small bedroom space is not really a major problem. There are tons of design tips which you can try to make it look and feel larger. You may search online on how to pull these things off or simply ask some pieces of advice to an interior designer regarding this matter.

All you need to do is to maximize the space you've got by applying the following clever tricks:

Place mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can make your bedroom space appear bigger. Simply angle mirrors toward a focal point in order to provide the illusion of depth. Since mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, they make your room brighter during the day as well as at night. In addition, placing mirrors on the walls give your personal spot at home an open ambiance.

Use light colours

Light colours usually help a room look brighter and larger. In fact, bright and light walls give an airy and open feel to your bedroom. Soft-toned colours make your space more inviting and convenient to sleep in. Considering the colours soft pink, lavender or peach for girl's room, and light blue and light sea green for boy's to achieve an optimum effect of spaciousness.


Keep your bedroom organized and clean at all times. In order to do this, you have to declutter and neatly arrange all the things inside your room. Those unnecessary things must be out of sight to give way to more important stuff. It is best that you make your bed the focal point in your space, which will draw the eye. The choice of single size mattress from Harvey Norman can be a great option to help you save some space. Additionally, you have to limit the number of furniture and accessories you place in your room, so as not to make it feel crowded.

Utilize natural lighting

Another essential factor to make your space look bigger is by allowing natural light inside your bedroom. You may do so by having large windows that connect the room with the outdoors instantly. However, if you only have a limited amount of natural light, you can just use lighting fixtures, which make a big difference in your sweet haven.  

On the whole, it is wise that you always make the most out of your small space. It does not mean that if you only have a tiny room, you can no longer make it look larger and more appealing to the eye. You may take into consideration the tips mentioned above and you will definitely maximize your room space. By being more creative and organized, you can achieve the dream bedroom you long been wanting to have. Effort, patience, and hard work are needed to obtain the best bedroom ever!

Top Design Features That Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers


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For Millennials, buying a home represents a difficult decision in some ways. Many of these young adults were in high school or college when the last housing bubble burst and the Great Recession took hold across the country, so they have been more reluctant to make the big purchase, as compared to their parents’ generation.

With that being said, Millennials are slowly becoming a more active part of the real estate and home buying world, and to keep up with the trend, sellers are looking toward the specific wish lists of these buyers.

Millennials have proved elusive in many areas, ranging from general finances to their careers, so what is it they want when they finally decide to purchase a home?

Clean Lines

Simplicity, efficiency and openness. All design details that tend to be embraced by Millennials. Consider design concepts that focus on clean lines, and a feeling of fresh, open and streamlined design. Clutter tends not to be favored by Millennials, nor do spaces that are designed with many things happening at once. Neutral color palettes and living spaces that can serve many purposes at once without being overcrowded with furniture and accessories are typically favored.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Younger buyers seem to be even more focused on kitchens and bathrooms than older generations, and this is the number one place they tend to put emphasis when they’re making a decision. If you’re thinking about investing some money into your kitchen or bathrooms before putting your home on the market, follow the advice of the real estate gurus at, and do it the right way. Millennials tend to have an eye for quality design materials, and if you try to cheap out in a remodel, particularly in the all-important kitchen or bathrooms, they’re likely to notice.


The younger generations tend to be the most involved with environmental issues, so an excellent way to appeal to these buyers is through the use of green design materials whenever possible. This can include low-VOC finishes, energy-efficient appliances, or natural design materials.

Well-Designed Outdoor Spaces

It’s not just the indoors that matters when you’re designing or remodeling a home to appeal to Millennial buyers—the outdoors are just as important. Try to create outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also that are going to be functional. Entertaining tends to be important to young buyers, and if you can design indoor spaces that seamlessly move to the outdoors, you’re expanding the space they have to host parties and gatherings.

Distinctive Design Details

If you want to revamp your house in a way that’s going to draw in younger buyers, think about the seemingly small design details. Millennials tend to love even the most under-the-radar details that make a home feel unique and one-of-a-kind, from light fixtures to cabinet hardware. A little distinctiveness can go a long way.

Millennial buyers aren’t unlike other generations. They appreciate homes that are a good value, have an excellent location and provide them with opportunities to maintain the lifestyle they want. At the same time, if you want to appeal broadly to younger buyers, the design tips above can get you moving in the right direction.

50 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

If you want to save money on home repairs, you must learn to do common repair tasks. This requires not only gaining skills in home repair tasks but also buying tools that are best for each job. With the right home repair tools by your side, DIY projects can be done quickly without breaking a sweat. When you don't have proper tools, you will face difficulty in performing simple repair tasks. What's worse, you can cause further damage that will cost you a lot of bucks to put to right. You can also injure yourself if you don't use the right tools for the repair tasks. Using a kitchen knife to cut wires for instance, will not only damage the knife but also cause injury to you.

But, do you know what tools you need to have for effective repair work? For an average person, selecting the right and proper tools for the DIY jobs is not easy. A simple visit to a local or online hardware shop makes most people get confused. There are so many hardware tools hanging on the walls, showcased on the display case, or displayed on the main page in case of an e-store that selecting the right ones can seem to be an uphill task for most people.

If you are also one of those people that face trouble in selecting the best tool for the job, then you will our infographic list of 50 tools that a homeowner should have to perform DIY home repairs. The list will serve as a guide the next time you head to a hardware store to buy tools for common home repair tasks.


tools for home

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Recycling and Upcycling Series – Wine Bottle Crafts and How to Cut Glass

This post is the result of collaboration between and Hewn and Hammered.

In our world, every day thousands of glass bottles are taking shape in industrial sites, ready to receive our favorite beverages, ready to be labeled and shipped to our local store from each and every one purchases the bottle for its contents, consumes it and discards it. Simple it seems. What if one was to tell you that the actual energy put into the making of the bottle is far more valuable than its contents; what if one was to tell you that you can save the energy consumed by the planet to create the bottle by not throwing it to the landfill but recycle or upcycle it creatively.

Give bottles a second chance, put them to good use.

Hundreds of thousands of years will be spent by our planet to decompose a single glass bottle thrown into the ground, hundreds of thousands of years will future generations endure our marks if we are not take each and every bottle that we cross paths with seriously and today we call you to action, we need you to share the rightful message, to invite your friends and family and all around you to recycle, repurpose and up-cycle.

It goes without saying that our of these three processes recycling is the way to go, the most natural thing to do and the one that is energy efficient; closely followed by repurposing, one could simply use the containers as they were envisioned by replacing its contents, one glass bottle can be used for milk, another for tomato souce yet maybe the third can be used as a stylish new planter, a wind chime or a beautiful centerpiece that will animate all our future holidays.

The first two alternatives require no additional information one should start right away, one could change the world through a simple act.

Up-cycicling is a different story, for one to beautifully manipulate glass into a new beginning one should surge inspiration and seek for additional information to ensure success. The following graphic tutorial explains how to cut glass bottle crafts through two similar procedures, cast a glance.

How to Cut Glass Bottles Safely in Your Household


The procedure uses insanely simple items that we all have in our households; experiment with both and see with which you are able to make a cleaner cut.

A more experienced crafter could also use power tools to finalize professional wine bottle crafts yet both glass manipulation and power tools should be avoided if the individual is taking the first steps in his diy endeavors.

Do It Yourself Projects Ideas With Glass Bottles

Use Bottles as a Support for Painting


Glass painting is a spectacular activity that many happy individuals take on as a hobby, creating beautiful wall art pieces to gift to friends and family. One could also use glass bottles and wine bottles as a support to create beautiful centerpiece of their décor.

It is worth mentioning that the sculptural shape of the wine bottle can highlight the artwork beautifully and more often than not diy enthusiasts activate the painting with light from within through battery-based string lights, the constant shiver boosting life in the element of décor with great memory.

Tailoring New Epic Glass Bottle Containers For Your Plants



One could use glass and plastic bottles alike to shape entire vertical garden walls, each bottle would contain a plant thus bringing a great deal of greenery into the setting, boasting color and refreshing the air beyond belief.

The bottles can be also sliced horizontally or vertically in order to use the resulting pieces as any other glass flower pot container on the market. Holes on the bottom can be realized with special glass drill bits securely at home yet is recommended to nestle plants that do not require a whole lot of water, plants that have a relatively slow growth rate like succulents and cactuses.

Use Wine Bottle as Centerpieces For Multiple Celebrations



Wine bottle centerpieces can take thousands of shapes, literally. One could simply paint them to obtain the desired result; one could etch monograms or transfer various vinyl models to emphasize the centerpiece.

Wine bottles can be used as centerpieces at during a festive dinner, various holidays and celebrations, get creative with simple elements, put the energy invested into glass bottles to good use.

What do you think? Are these projects worth the effort? We think so and we would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Stylish and Safe for the Summer


Summer is the time of year when a lot of homes undergo a facelift. And although many homeowners consider décor trends, the majority don’t consider the safety aspects of their revamp. So, some home improvements can and do end badly. When renovating the home for the warmer months of the year, homeowners should take the time to ensure their modifications are both safe and stylish. Keep reading for a few ideas that will make a huge difference in your home.

1.    Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

In the summer, most people spend their evenings outdoors. It’s also the season when lots of homeowners like to get outside and renovate their garden, and in doing so, they’ll likely spend a bit of money on updating lighting fixtures. If this is something you are planning to do, make sure you are using energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. These bulbs will fit into almost all light fixtures except for those rare specialty or vintage ones. LED and CFL bulbs use a lot less energy compared to traditional bulbs. They are also less of a safety hazard, especially if you have light fixtures close to where children are playing.

2.    Bold Accents

As far as modern interior design is concerned, bold accents are the way forward. When you change your living room curtains, or replace your sofa cushions, think about complementing the muted wall paint with bold colors like bright blue, sunflower yellow, purple or hot pink. Bold accents are easy on the eyes and can easily liven up even the drabbest of living rooms. If you have a kitchen you are unhappy with, consider repainting the kitchen cabinets with a bold color to achieve a great transformation on a small budget.

3.    Freshen Up Your Porch with Color & A Fun Furniture Piece

A change that you’ll notice from a mile away…you have no better friend in process of giving your home a new, fresh vibe than color.

What color? For most homes, white as the dominant color will be the way to go. If you’re porch is already white, you can always make it more appealing by changing the accent color and painting your front door and the windows into a welcoming dark hue of green that will work with the surrounding plants.

As a rule of thumb, always use exterior paint and avoid the temptation of a gloss finish. It might seem like a good idea on paper, but a glossy finish for exteriors is likely to look tacky and you’re almost guaranteed to get bored of it more quickly.

Add a fun piece of inflatable porch furniture. Pieces like an air mattress or a set of inflatable chairs might not have been an option for rustic style home until a few years back, but they are today.

The designs used for the best air mattresses can work with pretty much any style, it’s just a matter of choosing right. Having a blow up mattress in one corner of the porch will add some fun to the space; keep the kids busy (we’re yet to see a child that doesn’t like the bounciness of an air bed and allow you to sip on that cold peach ice tea in peace. For guidelines on choosing the best air bed for the purpose, visit and read their air mattress reviews.

4.    Fix the Pipes

Most homeowners forget that the summer months are the perfect time to have their home’s plumbing system thoroughly checked. Winter frost can damage pipes, especially if they have been in the ground for decades. Leaks and other problems can be challenging to spot once the cold sets in and the ground freezes over. Therefore, make sure that you have a professional plumbing smoke test done before you start working on anything else.

5.    Natural Light

It’s a good idea to make best use of the natural light that comes into your home. During the daytime on warm days, it’s unsightly to see light bulbs turned on in rooms. It also wastes a lot of energy and money. During the warm months, sunlight is the best accessory any room can have, especially the living room. So, make sure you have thin curtains or voiles in place that won’t block the sunlight from entering your home. Remove any obstructions, like furniture or ornaments, which might be in the way, and, if possible, consider having new, larger windows put in, which will flood your home with as much sunlight as possible.

Additionally, don’t forget to plant flowers in your garden. It’s a simple enough tip, but most homeowners neglect the simple things. It’s the summer and the best decorations are always the natural ones.

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The Best Home Renovations to Increase Your Home’s Value or Save You Money


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Michel Ngilen.

When you make home renovations, you want your dollars to be well spent so the upgrades help increase your home’s value.

Some home improvements offer a bigger return than others. Before you sign on the dotted line for extensive renovations, make sure you’ll get a decent return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

From Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2016, these are the best home renovations for mid-level homes in top ranking order.

  1. Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Fiberglass attic insulation offers the highest return on your investment at 116.9% of your costs recouped. Adding or improving your attic insulation reduces energy bills by keeping the heat inside in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer.

Insulated attics can save homeowners anywhere from 10%-50% on their monthly utility bills. This renovation is a no-brainer and the savings can really add up over time. Homeowners looking to save money on utilities and increase the value of their home should immediately consider this renovation.

  1. Manufactured Stone Veneer

Outside home improvements increase the curb appeal and monetary value of your home. Consider upgrading the outside of your home by replacing the bottom third of your vinyl siding with manufactured stone veneer. Manufactured stone veneers create a "high-end" look to your home, and homebuyers are often willing to pay for this increased curb appeal. This renovation offers an almost full return on investment with an estimated national average of 92.9% of costs recouped.

  1. Garage Door Replacement

Replacing your garage door is another great upgrade to improve the outside of your home or property. Your garage doors are one of the first things a prospective homebuyer sees and it can positively or negatively affect their perception of the home’s condition. Replacing or updating your garage doors can do wonders for improving the exterior look and appeal of your home. Not only that, new garage doors make sure the garage is secured. It’s estimated this improvement allows you recoup costs at 91.5% when you sell.

  1. Steel Entry Door Replacement

Though the market has fluctuated with the return on investment for steel entry doors, replacing an entry door with a new steel door gives you a higher return on investment than fiberglass doors. Similar to garage doors—this is another area that creates a “first impression” for homebuyers—and a brand new door will set a positive impression.

At a national average of 102% of costs recouped, you can enjoy a secure, fire-resistant entry door and future buyers are willing to pay more for it than you paid to install it!

  1. Minor Kitchen Remodel

Not all home remodeling gives you a high return on investment, but a minor kitchen remodel can come fairly close. A 200 square foot kitchen with new wood panel doors, new hardware, an energy-efficient wall oven and cooktop, new laminate countertops, a mid-priced sink and faucet, and new flooring could recoup your costs at 83.1% when you sell.

  1. Fiberglass Entry Door Replacement

If you don’t want to upgrade to a steel entry door, a new fiberglass door can still recoup your costs at 82.3% according to the national average. These doors are energy efficient, require minimal maintenance (they don’t rot or warp like wood), and can be stained or painted.

While some of these renovations can be done DIY-style, others may require professional help. To ensure you get the best return-on-investment always work with vetted and qualified home renovation contractors.

While these percentages are national averages, do research in your area to know which renovations homebuyers are willing to pay more for. With careful planning, you can enjoy beautiful home renovations and get a higher return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Let Your Design Speak for Itself – Interior Design Tips and Tricks


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Interior design is by no means simple but nor is it complicated. A good interior design is bound to the inhabitant, the materialization of his own taste, needs and an expression of comfort and familiarity that creates him the feeling of appurtenance that any individual would expect from a shelter, a refuge, a home. That is all. All for each and every one as a result is particular, it means a different story, another setting and another experience, one that we live and breathe more than we admire.

The interior design of a home, not a house but a home should, and in most cases is, narrating the personality of the owner, it adorns experiences, knowledge and identity and as a result it is sheer beauty, the design expression of a complex, beautiful soul that one might entitle poetry.

If you are to transform your house into your home there are no rules, no written rules that you should follow; the short insight in front of us will portray a few topics that one will surely stumble upon in one way or another, position one`s self into a relation with the topic is all the article aims to do, in no way the action of personalizing an interior should be influenced by the writing.

The Interior Scale

The scale of the infusion is relevant from multiple stand points yet the only one should and will probably serve as a standpoint is the property status, how much you are allowed to actually change in your setting? A renter has its interior décor possibilities limited by a contract but that only changes the scale.

A reversible process is the answer. Never abandon the transformation altogether, simply find temporary, reversible design solutions and make your interior speak of yourself, surround yourself of things you love.

While for one making his interior his own might mean building a living room with a glass room towards the garage to gaze at his dream car from the couch for another simply having a family heirloom on display on the side table might be enough. It`s all relative, it`s all about us.

We define our design, the scale, can, define us.

Critical Attitude; In-depth Filter

An expressive interior design is really selective with its contents, no compromises are made, no variables that are out of control for the home owner are present in it.

An in-depth filer and a a really critical attitude towards harmful infusion should protect the décor, very much like our verticality in life, often challenged, often bullied, in design too we should stand. An item that doesn`t fit the organism should not remain, no additions, no mutations of the pure form.

One would never wear a random piece of clothing so why would our interior wear something random, unfamiliar and unintentional?

Your experiences are your own. Your attempt to change your interior décor is your own; dictate your own terms in the process, transform your décor to the better.

Embrace Do It Yourself Projects

The entire design is an expression of the self, it is only natural to see the whole process as a do it yourself endeavor, one that you have carefully planned and envisioned.

Crafts today and do it yourself projects have an immense pool of opportunities ready to dispatch, you can craft your own sofa, coffee table, wall art or phone case. Contemporaneity offers us a great liberty to actually forge our universe and technology actually advertises itself as such even if the reality dissimulates the core.

In design diy projects are relevant for multiple reasons but the tree most important components are sustainability, memory an versatility.

The sustainable nature of crafting and do it yourself project is evident, one could conserve a great deal of energy and revamp simple mundane items that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

The memory of crafting is probably the most important aspect for the individual; it basically summons the memory of the crafting process into the picture, a process that binds the crafter to the item that we will use further on. The making of an unique item with your bare hands and the experiences lived by it cannot be simply dismissed, one could argue.

The versatility of the crafting scene is what it has driven the community so far though, simple items being transformed into insanely extraordinary ones with little to no costs is just a little part of the story. DIY projects actually provide value beyond the process, a great deal of value; a simple pallet bed frame can bring hundreds in savings to an individual that actually hated the expense in the beginning due to the poor offer in their price range. Pallet beds can be found anywhere, hundreds of pallet bed ideas can be found online and the item can be personalized beyond belief, why would one pay for a poorly built plastic solution when the natural essence of wood is at this grasp, with little to no costs?

Versatility plays a crucial role in overall décor, the DIY enthusiasts adapts from season to season, he is able to change his interior design line with simple elements that take little to no space, cost nothing and can be reused with ease after the event. In autumn painted wine glasses, wine bottle centerpieces, slice of wood combined with natural elements from the harvest and flower garlands can change the décor beyond belief, all temporary, all reversible, all ready to bring happiness and joy.

Simple and beautiful the expression of the individual in design is. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject In the comment section below.

How to Beautify Your Home Through Simple DIY Projects


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Do it yourself projects have been here for a while now and their effect on the world is extraordinary, these simple crafts are an extraordinary alternative to mass produced items and they include in the process time spent with loved ones, memory forging, recycling, reusing and repurposing materials that many would have thrown to the wasteland in a matter of seconds, the hole movement saving our planet a great amount of energy. In contemporaneity you can find online the project for absolutely every item, the information to realize that particular item at home is there, you just have to reach out and today in this short article we will present you a beautiful glimpse from the crafting universe.

Cast a glance at the list below and surge inspiration from the imaginative list and leave your valuable feedback on the subject in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

#1 Use Wooden Pallets In Your Household

The wooden texture has in immense impact in interior design, it brings coziness and warmth, it installs an ambiance that summons a feeling of appurtenance in its décor and thanks to wooden pallets, cable spools and recycling centers for wood, today, this extraordinary piece of material can be obtained with little to no costs. One could find multiple sources in his town and pursue the DIY project of choice with ease thanks to the immense array of craft tutorials.

Wooden pallets are used t day to raise garden beds to a more comfortable position and emphasize gardening, to create green vertical walls with ease inexpensively, to bring greenery and vegetation closer to us.

Wooden pallets are used to shape thousands of projects from various organizers to extraordinary pallet bed frames, mesmerizing headboards and wall art alike. Give wooden pallets a chance, invite them in your household and surge inspiration from the online environment to transform you home through simple crafts.

#2 Washi Tape Can Transform Items

Quite often ordinary items are being replaced simply because they look outdated regardless of their exemplary resilience; quite often we purchase more expensive items because they`re a little more decorated even though they`re not wearing the pattern that one would like. Here washi tapes do come in, present in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they`re ready to give a complete new face to a mundane item, they are able to revive items through color and pattern beautifully.

Washi tapes crafts are commonly used to organize events, files and various other miscellaneous too. Great power resides in the sticky colors and textures.

#3 Tailor Your Own Pieces of Furniture

From the previously mentioned pallet beds to high end oak coffee tables, furnishing tutorials for beginners and professionals alike are scattered around the world, quietly awaiting to see your workshop. The DIY community shares projects that they too use in their household, practical items that have been tailored to resolve everyday problems in the household.

These projects can be found materialized in everything that one might dream off, broken down in step by step tutorials. Maybe you`ve always wanted a concrete coffee table or a concrete kitchen counter top, an entire wooden wall that can be inexpensively realized with pallet wood or a really industrial looking steam-punk furnishing, or maybe a wall art piece with a functional purpose like a foldable DIY desk?

Worry not, the DIY community waits with solutions, solutions that will make the world a better place. Are you ready to craft?

how to revamp your home


With all of the home improvement and renovation shows on TV now, it has become more popular than ever to take on a project that revamps the home. Some of these projects are long but others can be done in a matter of a few days. Depending on what you want to do, you can hire a contractor or do this by yourself. When hiring a contractor make sure to look up reviews and take a look at a cost calculator to make sure you aren’t being overcharged. Whatever you decide to do to your home make sure that it is done correctly as shoddy renovations can be dangerous. The following are a few ways to revamp your home.

Adding a grill and some furniture to the back patio can bring the party outside or even be a great place to relax. Grills are becoming more affordable and with Groupon having coupons for Gander Mountain they are even more affordable. A project that can be done is adding a screened in porch to the existing porch or to build a deck. Building something outside of the home is great as there isn’t a need for the contractors to come inside. It can become a mess with people coming in and out so avoiding this is important.

New windows in a home can bring in so much more light and even make a room look larger. Many people waste thousands of dollars on electricity for heating or cooling that is just let back outside by windows that are a bit older. Pick a room that is in direct sunlight and put in larger windows here. In a matter of days your family will gravitate to this room as natural light is something almost everyone loves.

Whatever you decide to do with your home, make sure that it is done up to code or this could cost quite a lot. A small renovation or a large renovation should be done with great care. Do not settle for the first estimate a contractor gives you but rather just shop around until you find the price that works for you. How do you want to revamp your home?

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How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Small Budget


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed image by Colin Knowles.


Montreal condos may not be as expensive as those in Toronto and Vancouver, but it can still cost a pretty penny. Moreover, it’s not only the price of the property that you need to worry about. You also have to buy furniture and interior décor. So what can you do if you’re working on a very limited budget?

Here are 7 brilliant ways to decorate your condo interior on a budget:

Use wallpaper.

Choose removable wallpaper instead of the permanent kind so that you can easily remove it anytime you want. Wallpaper is great for adding style and color to your home and you can apply them yourself.

Place a large mirror in as many areas in your new home as possible.

Condos are smaller than single-family houses and a floor length mirror can make it seem bigger and more open. You can place mirrors in areas where they can catch light and reflect your windows so that they add dimension to the room.

Re-use old furniture.

New home, new furniture isn’t always practical especially if you’re on a budget. You can easily paint over your coffee table’s existing finish or re-upholster your old couch instead of throwing them away.

When repainting, the first thing you need to do is remove all hardware and wipe down to remove any dust. Sand to remove any glossy finish and add two coats of fresh paint. When it’s dry, add a thin coat of a water-based lacquer so the new finish will last.


You probably have a lot of stuff to pack and bring to your new home. But instead of dumping them to your new abode, consider getting rid of those you haven’t used for quite awhile or have a garage sale. The proceeds of your sale can be added to your current home decorating budget.

Go for a minimalist design.

Less is more and this certainly holds true in home interior designs. You don’t have to fill your new home with bulky furniture and intricately designed lamps and rugs. By going for a minimalist modern interior, your condo will look bright, contemporary and airy. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations.

Purchase fresh indoor plants.

One of the simplest ways to keep an apartment from looking drab is by having indoor plants. You can place them by your kitchen window, living room and even in your bathroom. Plants can purify the air inside your home, improve mood and make your home look so much nicer.

Create your own artwork.

Instead of buying an expensive painting, why not try to create an artwork yourself? You don’t have to be a Picasso to create your own masterpiece. Buy canvases, brushes and paint and search online for inspiration. Go for modern art which are so much easier than trying to paint a Mona Lisa.

Condo living is great and when you have a beautiful, bright and modern interior, you will always look forward to going home everyday.

Check out Your Local Flooring Store to Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors


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After so many years of everything from kitchen sinks to patio furniture to the flooring we walk on every day being made from synthetic materials, trends in home design are finally doing a 180° turnaround, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Now architects and interior designers alike are featuring homes built with natural materials such as highly polished hard wood, granite and marble. To see just how exquisite a home with hardwood flooring would be, check out your local flooring store such as the prestigious Ellegant Home Design located at 1002 W. Dundee Rd. in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Why Naturals Are Trending

With so much emphasis on global warming, businesses and consumers alike are being urged to go with natural materials anywhere possible in their daily living. From buying clothes only made from natural, organic fibers to the materials used in building and/or decorating homes and offices, there is a huge push away from using synthetics such as plastics and laminates that perhaps are cheaper to buy but so much more dangerous to the environment.

Many homeowners don’t stop to think about the fact that one day their floor will have reached its lifespan and will need to be discarded and re-laid. Synthetic materials often take many thousands of years to disintegrate, if at all, which does nothing whatsoever for the ecology other than destroy the natural balance so necessary for life.

If Natural Wood Is Not an Option

Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford the luxury of having a hardwood floor installed because of the cost involved. At times like these, laminate flooring crafted to look like natural wood is perhaps the best option available. This is especially true if manufactured by companies like Armstrong that put a great deal of effort into sustainability. Laminates are so realistic looking that it often takes a builder, home designer or flooring expert to tell the difference.

The key is to find a flooring store that can work with your budget as well as your design. You may not be able to bring the ‘real’ beauty of nature inside, but with proper planning, and a high quality wood laminate, you can have the next best thing. You get the look at less the cost and from a company that goes above and beyond to mitigate any damage to the environment.

Natural Stone Flooring

A great alternative to wood flooring is tiles made from natural stones. There are a number of types you can find at your local flooring store which would most often include:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

Contrary to what you may be thinking, a glass floor is not necessarily going to be transparent. No, you won’t need to look at the timbers underneath and glass, although manufactured, is made from natural materials under extreme heat and pressure. Glass tiles are currently trending and are actually a much better and long-lived option than laminates or linoleums.

Caring for Your Natural Flooring

There is one thing you should be aware of when choosing which type of natural flooring you would like to have installed. Each kind of material will take a different method of care, so it is important to understand what is involved because this could affect your decision. Of all types of flooring, hardwood will take the most effort but the result is well worth the time and expense.

It will be necessary to buy special cleaning solutions that won’t mar the protective finish on the wood. Some types of tiles also require special cleaning products and many even call for plain water to quickly mop up without harming the tile or grout. No matter what type of flooring you are going to use, you will need to learn the best way to clean and care for it because you want to protect your investment and keep it looking new and lovely as long as humanly possible.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the natural beauty of the landscape around you and that’s why you want to bring it indoors. Whether choosing wood, tile or realistic looking laminates, your local flooring store can help you choose the right product to get the look you want. It might be advisable to bring a photo of the room or rooms you want flooring for when speaking with a consultant. Each type of flooring is made to ‘fit’ a décor and some even require certain structural elements to withstand the weight of the materials. However, when all is said and done, the natural beauty you bring indoors will add to the quality of life within – something relaxing and exciting all at the very same time.