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If you want to save money on home repairs, you must learn to do common repair tasks. This requires not only gaining skills in home repair tasks but also buying tools that are best for each job. With the right home repair tools by your side, DIY projects can be done quickly without breaking a sweat. When you don't have proper tools, you will face difficulty in performing simple repair tasks. What's worse, you can cause further damage that will cost you a lot of bucks to put to right. You can also injure yourself if you don't use the right tools for the repair tasks. Using a kitchen knife to cut wires for instance, will not only damage the knife but also cause injury to you.

But, do you know what tools you need to have for effective repair work? For an average person, selecting the right and proper tools for the DIY jobs is not easy. A simple visit to a local or online hardware shop makes most people get confused. There are so many hardware tools hanging on the walls, showcased on the display case, or displayed on the main page in case of an e-store that selecting the right ones can seem to be an uphill task for most people.

If you are also one of those people that face trouble in selecting the best tool for the job, then you will our infographic list of 50 tools that a homeowner should have to perform DIY home repairs. The list will serve as a guide the next time you head to a hardware store to buy tools for common home repair tasks.


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