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5 Ways to Make Your Home Stylish and Safe for the Summer


Summer is the time of year when a lot of homes undergo a facelift. And although many homeowners consider décor trends, the majority don’t consider the safety aspects of their revamp. So, some home improvements can and do end badly. When renovating the home for the warmer months of the year, homeowners should take the time to ensure their modifications are both safe and stylish. Keep reading for a few ideas that will make a huge difference in your home.

1.    Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

In the summer, most people spend their evenings outdoors. It’s also the season when lots of homeowners like to get outside and renovate their garden, and in doing so, they’ll likely spend a bit of money on updating lighting fixtures. If this is something you are planning to do, make sure you are using energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. These bulbs will fit into almost all light fixtures except for those rare specialty or vintage ones. LED and CFL bulbs use a lot less energy compared to traditional bulbs. They are also less of a safety hazard, especially if you have light fixtures close to where children are playing.

2.    Bold Accents

As far as modern interior design is concerned, bold accents are the way forward. When you change your living room curtains, or replace your sofa cushions, think about complementing the muted wall paint with bold colors like bright blue, sunflower yellow, purple or hot pink. Bold accents are easy on the eyes and can easily liven up even the drabbest of living rooms. If you have a kitchen you are unhappy with, consider repainting the kitchen cabinets with a bold color to achieve a great transformation on a small budget.

3.    Freshen Up Your Porch with Color & A Fun Furniture Piece

A change that you’ll notice from a mile away…you have no better friend in process of giving your home a new, fresh vibe than color.

What color? For most homes, white as the dominant color will be the way to go. If you’re porch is already white, you can always make it more appealing by changing the accent color and painting your front door and the windows into a welcoming dark hue of green that will work with the surrounding plants.

As a rule of thumb, always use exterior paint and avoid the temptation of a gloss finish. It might seem like a good idea on paper, but a glossy finish for exteriors is likely to look tacky and you’re almost guaranteed to get bored of it more quickly.

Add a fun piece of inflatable porch furniture. Pieces like an air mattress or a set of inflatable chairs might not have been an option for rustic style home until a few years back, but they are today.

The designs used for the best air mattresses can work with pretty much any style, it’s just a matter of choosing right. Having a blow up mattress in one corner of the porch will add some fun to the space; keep the kids busy (we’re yet to see a child that doesn’t like the bounciness of an air bed and allow you to sip on that cold peach ice tea in peace. For guidelines on choosing the best air bed for the purpose, visit and read their air mattress reviews.

4.    Fix the Pipes

Most homeowners forget that the summer months are the perfect time to have their home’s plumbing system thoroughly checked. Winter frost can damage pipes, especially if they have been in the ground for decades. Leaks and other problems can be challenging to spot once the cold sets in and the ground freezes over. Therefore, make sure that you have a professional plumbing smoke test done before you start working on anything else.

5.    Natural Light

It’s a good idea to make best use of the natural light that comes into your home. During the daytime on warm days, it’s unsightly to see light bulbs turned on in rooms. It also wastes a lot of energy and money. During the warm months, sunlight is the best accessory any room can have, especially the living room. So, make sure you have thin curtains or voiles in place that won’t block the sunlight from entering your home. Remove any obstructions, like furniture or ornaments, which might be in the way, and, if possible, consider having new, larger windows put in, which will flood your home with as much sunlight as possible.

Additionally, don’t forget to plant flowers in your garden. It’s a simple enough tip, but most homeowners neglect the simple things. It’s the summer and the best decorations are always the natural ones.

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