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4 Clever Tricks to Make Your Small Bedroom Appear Larger


Note: this is a partnered post and consideration was received for its publication. CC-licensed photo by Jeremy Levine.


Whether you've got a small or big bedroom, your personal comfort should always matter and come first. Nothing beats having a serene retreat after a long and stressful day. It is your bedroom that you look forward to when you get tired from working or studying the whole day, so make it a point to make it cozy all the time.

Apparently, having a small bedroom space is not really a major problem. There are tons of design tips which you can try to make it look and feel larger. You may search online on how to pull these things off or simply ask some pieces of advice to an interior designer regarding this matter.

All you need to do is to maximize the space you've got by applying the following clever tricks:

Place mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can make your bedroom space appear bigger. Simply angle mirrors toward a focal point in order to provide the illusion of depth. Since mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, they make your room brighter during the day as well as at night. In addition, placing mirrors on the walls give your personal spot at home an open ambiance.

Use light colours

Light colours usually help a room look brighter and larger. In fact, bright and light walls give an airy and open feel to your bedroom. Soft-toned colours make your space more inviting and convenient to sleep in. Considering the colours soft pink, lavender or peach for girl's room, and light blue and light sea green for boy's to achieve an optimum effect of spaciousness.


Keep your bedroom organized and clean at all times. In order to do this, you have to declutter and neatly arrange all the things inside your room. Those unnecessary things must be out of sight to give way to more important stuff. It is best that you make your bed the focal point in your space, which will draw the eye. The choice of single size mattress from Harvey Norman can be a great option to help you save some space. Additionally, you have to limit the number of furniture and accessories you place in your room, so as not to make it feel crowded.

Utilize natural lighting

Another essential factor to make your space look bigger is by allowing natural light inside your bedroom. You may do so by having large windows that connect the room with the outdoors instantly. However, if you only have a limited amount of natural light, you can just use lighting fixtures, which make a big difference in your sweet haven.  

On the whole, it is wise that you always make the most out of your small space. It does not mean that if you only have a tiny room, you can no longer make it look larger and more appealing to the eye. You may take into consideration the tips mentioned above and you will definitely maximize your room space. By being more creative and organized, you can achieve the dream bedroom you long been wanting to have. Effort, patience, and hard work are needed to obtain the best bedroom ever!