How Simple DIY Projects can Improve Your Home Décor Today
7 Outdoor Features That Will Improve Your Backyard Design

Learn How to Transform Your Backyard With Simple DIY Projects


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Spring is here now, unraveling its immense beauty on our humble world. Nature is shaping the realm beautifully, changing everything in a short period of time, preparing us all for the summer, a wonderful season to take advantage off.

In spring we start working on our garden, we do our best to help nature thrive in our small flower pots, in our gardens. In spring is time to plant and re-plant greenery, to emphasize vegetation, to refresh our décor. In the following article we will present a few simple design ideas to realize this spring, ideas meant to emphasize your garden throughout the season. Choose to adorn the natural home in your shelter and the airy ambiance and immense beauty will surely have a say in your backyard landscaping, offering calm, peace, privacy.

  1. Add New Garden Paths

Surfing through wild vegetation in your garden is something that you can enjoy but your path can be built in front of you. Use the beautiful spring days to lay down a new path in your garden, you can go for river rock mosaics, mineral white, pallet wooden paths, slices of wood or concrete slabs realized in molds if you are to realize it at home entirely. Needless to say that your local store has an offer on the necessary items for a garden path as well. Choose something that aids you and your garden visually.

  1. Install Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds have multiple advantages for both flowers and vegetables but maintenance is the real upside. Garden beds allow you to go from one season to the other with ease, changing the crops without digging.

  1. Consider Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is not a very common practice world-wide but is a very appealing method that will ensure the integrity of your lawn or garden. Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping built around plants that can survive in dry conditions, they can last extended periods of time without water and they require no maintenance. Choose plants that can survive your schedule, make sure you have a garden even if you have little to no time to spend on maintenance. There are solutions.

  1. Install Climbing Plants

Wines and climbing plants are splendid because they`re offering your garden a third dimension, one that does not exists unless it`s shaped by a tree. The vertical planes holding flowers like wisteria, cascades of flowers and flagrance in your yard is something remarkable, splendid.

Few plants wear their age beautifully, a climbing rose that has 15 years behind or a 7 year old wisteria are an extraordinary presence, these are plants that re-shape the home , items that embellish the garden. All you need to make this happen are either climbing systems on your home, these can be metallic wire based or wooden lattices. If you are going for less intrusive solutions you can install these legendary vines on arbors, trellises, carports or pergolas. If you are don’t know that these are, what is a pergola, an arbor or a trellis, worry not, simple search online will unveil the secret and showcase beautiful green oasis built around these outdoor structures.

What do you think? How will you emphasize your garden this spring? We would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.