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How To Design With Repurposed and Up-cycled Elements


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The world today is corrupted from many points of view but our biggest and most important concern is pollution and sustainability. Air, water or earth, every medium is polluted, corrupted, damaged.

To these problems there are fast answers one might offer: recycling, repurposing and up-cycling. If these three words would give birth to actions in our daily routing, things would change, waste would be diminished, carbon footprints lowered, energy conserved, space saved, a lot of things worth fighting for.

If recycling is not an option in your area there are still things you can actually do: repurpose and up-cycle. Be responsible and try to minimize plastic purchases, do your best to minimize the items that you actually need from day to day, try to be responsible and prevent needless purchases.

The natural habitat requires our help, we`re using its resources and we need its resources and extracting them for endless rows of plastic bottles that are never going to be recycled is not a safe plan. We invite you to think about how what one might consider trash can be repurposed. In the following rows we will feature a few simple, common ideas adopted by many creative individuals but keep in mind that your needs and homes are slightly different and so will your crafting needs be. Adapt to your setting, see how you can work with what you have to conserve as many items as possible. If you still can`t find a use for these items, invite your friends and family to pitch in an idea, participate in a craft or trade them for something that you can use.

  1. Use Wooden Pallets for Furniture

Wooden pallets have thousands of uses today thanks to the DIY movement, these can be used as garden beds, and jewelry organizes, outdoor couches and thousands of other items. They`re simply to find and inexpensive to acquire, they offer you a real material, a natural cozy and warm texture that many pay big dollars in design stores for. You have it at your grasp, ready to be used, ready to become something more than a pallet. Surge inspiration and transform the wooden pallets that you have into something useful; maybe a vertical garden, a new coffee table or a low bed for your Scandinavian bedroom design, think about it.

  1. Use Bottle Caps To Design Home Décor

If you are going to recycle glass bottles the bottle caps are yours to keep, same goes for plastic bottles even though there you can submit it in the same place with the actual bottle. Bottle caps are really an interesting thing to collect thanks to their diversity. We stumble across hundreds per year and we simply dismiss them in one second without looking at them. Stop now, start collecting metal bottle caps, plastic bottle caps and corks alike, all these can be nestled into really beautiful bottle cap crafts, you can realize wall art pieces, outdoor installations, jewelry, beautiful fridge magnets that contain family photos, coasters and even countertop protections. The principle is simple and the aesthetic values are sustained through color and diversity. Let them talk about your journeys, the rare beverages enjoyed and the memory forged through simple diy projects.

  1. Use Old Tires in Your Garden

In certain areas, tires can be recycled. If that is the case for your location, please recycle the tires rather than repurposing them.

If recycling is not a possibility there are numerous ways to use them creatively in your home. You can transform tires in safe swings for children, you can use them to realize beautiful water ponds in your garden or you can transform them in raised flower beds, boosting colors and beauty.

Creativity can forge everything, all you need is patience, will, desire to do better for our planet, for our future and the generations to come.

Embrace change through a responsible attitude, recycle and repurpose today for a better tomorrow.