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5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Swimming Pool

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These days, it isn’t unusual for a home to have an outdoor (or indoor) swimming pool. In many countries, swimming pools are a common accessory and in states like Florida, even smaller homes have swimming pools in the backyard. But if you don’t yet have a swimming pool, you might not be convinced of the merits of spending money on having a pool installed. So here are five reasons why installing a swimming pool is definitely money well spent.


Outdoor Entertaining

Swimming pools look great and when the weather is good, you can open up your home to admiring guests and party all weekend long. Everyone loves a pool party on a hot day. Rather than just lazing around, melting slowly, you can cool off with a dip in the pool followed by a nice, cold beer. At night, with underwater lighting installed, pools really come to life, so you and your guests can party all night long.

Add Value

In warmer climates, a swimming pool will add value to your home. If the installation is carried out by a reputable contractor and the end result is stylish and in keeping with the property, you can easily expect to recoup the cost of installing the pool. Indoor pools are more suited to cooler climates, but with the right cover and heating set-up, there is no reason why an outdoor pool can’t be used all year round.

A Selling Point

If you are selling a larger, more substantial property, buyers will expect to see a swimming pool, either in the garden, or somewhere inside the house. Larger properties in London often have pools in the basement. Buyers paying several million dollars for a home in an upmarket area of London will expect nothing less. But even if you live in California, where pools are more common than palm trees, a well-designed pool will still be a selling point that makes your home stand out from similar properties for sale.

Personal Fitness

A swimming pool is great for general fitness purposes and twenty minutes of brisk freestyle is a good cardio workout. Swimming is a non-load bearing exercise, so you can swim even if you suffer from joint problems or reduced mobility. Even small gardens normally have room for a small rectangular pool, which is idea for laps. And if you are short on space, look into the possibility of installing an endless pool, where you swim against a current rather than doing laps up and down.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Swimming pools are wonderful when you have children. Kids can spend their free time swimming, playing and enjoying the water. However, you do need to be very careful if your kids are very young or they can’t swim, but a secure fence around the pool area should be enough to keep them safe.

Regular maintenance is important, so don’t forget to book an Anthem pool service at least once a year, so your pool stays clean and fully-functional at all times.