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Are you looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? Something different from the same old style you’ve had forever? The latest trends revolve around keeping things clean, simple, and practical. Creative, modern, and chic might not be for everyone, but they certainly add an innovative look to your home. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas that are unique and different:

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is a beautiful way to create the feeling of more space. This modern, unique look can even showcase beautiful tile or flooring. For smaller spaces, a floating vanity allows you to incorporate quite a bit of storage. Look for the paneled doors that you would see on a traditional vanity, just without the added legs.

Go Dark

When it comes to bathroom remodeling ideas, many people never consider a color like black. It might sound crazy, but if you’re looking for a bold contrast to typical neutral bathroom décor, black faucets, tubs, lighting, and tile are the newest “in” trend. Adding this deep, dramatic hue keeps plain white spaces from looking too sterile and common.


Shower trends continue to demonstrate the modern seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than stopping at the shower curb, offers a clean, spa-like design approach. A curb-less shower is stylish and chic in a way you might not expect. It creates a decorative look while being completely functional.

Modern on Trend Looks

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, why not do something creative and unique? Modern designs can give your bathroom the kind of update it might just need. Check out design magazines and websites, and get bathroom remodeling ideas that are right on trend. After all, the New Year is a great time for change. Check out PlumbTile for all your bathroom remodeling needs!