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Finding a Dependable Real Estate Agent

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regular contributor Joel McDonald forwards us some good advice on selecting the best real estate agent to work with you:

When you want to buy or sell real estate, having the right realtor on your side makes it easier to find the perfect new place to make your home, or bringing buyers to the table as the case may be. Having helpful and reliable assistance and resources in any endeavor can make all the difference. For some people, it may seem too hard to get a good agent to help them with their purchase or sale needs. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when shopping for the right realtor.

Ask Questions – Lots of Questions
The final mistake which anyone shopping for an agent should steer clear of is being hesitant to ask the ones they are interviewing a lot of questions. Some feel as if they are being too much trouble and do not want to ask a lot of questions regarding fees, procedures, etc. Asking questions is the only way to really know if you’ve found the one you can best work with. Any reputable real estate agent will be able to answer your questions as you are purchasing your first home.

The Belief That Only Big Real Estate Operators Have Really Good Realtors
Some who are looking for an agent may think that only the biggest realty firms will have the good realtors. Although they may have some excellent people in their employ, you should also evaluate smaller firms as well as large ones in your search. For example, in Canada, a local firm like REP Calgary Homes has excellent agents for both buying and selling residential property.

Failing to Ask About the Fee
Before you decide on someone to work with, you must be sure to find out about their fee arrangement. A seller's agent will charge a set percentage of the price as a fee for their expenses and effort. It is in your best interest as a seller to make sure the percentage is a favorable number. It might seem strange, but a fee that is too low can be a warning sign too; a lowball fee offer will most likely short you when it comes to service. The buyer's representative, on the other hand, is paid from the commission amount set by the seller. For this reason, if you are a buyer, there is no extra cost for having an agent represent you.

Not Inquiring About The Realtor’s Qualifications
It is definitely worthwhile to ask the Realtor questions concerning their professional experience and accomplishments in the business. Answers about length of time working as a real estate agent, how long with the company and any type of business specialties they may have in their resume are all good ones. An experienced realtor will be proud to mention any professional awards.

Deciding on a Realtor Too Quickly
An all too common mistake is selecting the first Realtor you come across. Some people are so anxious to buy or sell a home that they get a name and go with that person without looking into even a little bit of the wide spectrum of choices available. This is a mistake which anyone who is looking for the best realtor should avoid. You need to look around, a little at least, even if only to add some depth to your education on the subject.

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