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for sale: Mediterranean Revival in Berkeley, CA


The house I grew up in, in Berkeley, California, is for sale. We moved out in the 1980s, and the current owner/seller has been there since; the house looks mostly unchanged. It's probably the nicest neighborhood in the East Bay, but I am biased ... if you're looking for a beautiful Mediterranean Revival home for a small family, though, you could do much worse. Supposedly it needs about $60,000 worth of work, but if it actually goes for anything near the asking price of $575,000, it'll be a steal; similar houses in the neighborhood frequently sell for over $800,000. My dad planted that gingko tree in the front yard, and the bougainvillea at the base of the steps. I'd love to grab it up myself, but it's both out of my price range and 100 miles away from my office.