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If you are remodelling your home, then making eco-friendly considerations is an excellent way to make sure that any additions or modifications to your home are not only long lasting, but also energy efficient and carbon friendly. Although the most commonly held conception of a green home is one that is ugly and low powered, this is actually not the case. Green home improvements have taken advanced a great deal over the last few years, and as a result most green options for home remodelling not only look great, but do a great job of lowering household energy bills, are recyclable and eco-friendly as well. So let’s have a look at what those home improvements are.


If you are remodelling your home, usually one of the main and most important considerations is the windows. Windows are exceptionally important for any overall home design and look and so if you are conducting major works of any kind on an area of your home with windows, then now is the time to make those windows green! Windows are responsible for the level of natural light that can come into a room. They can be a beautiful focal point, or a dark and dingy light absorber. They can either insulate a room, sending your bills skyrocketing whilst leaving you cold and shivering all winter, or they can insulate and crank up the heat notches whilst saving you money and keeping you warm. For this reason, if you are remodelling your home, and windows are part of your overall plan, then make sure you go for eco-friendly options and opt for windows that allow for plenty of natural light, save heat and insulate your home as well.


If you are remodelling your home, now is a good time to add insulation to your home improvement to do list. Insulation is the adding of cold resistant foam like material into cavity walls in your home. Although many people would like to insulate their homes, the truth is that it is a lot of hard work and noise to do. But, if you are remodelling, then make sure you include insulation. In some UK areas, your local council will do this for free if you qualify, and as you are already making a mess and a noise, a little more to insulate your home will go a long way towards making your home more eco-friendly.

Power usage

If you are remodelling and you are using power tools, generators and external power supplies then of course you are at risk of producing more waste than necessary. Fear not. No matter how powerful the tools you are using, todays generator market has excellent, eco-friendly options for powering tools and other heavy equipment so you don’t have to feel guilty each time you switch the generator on.

Recycle, reuse and recycle

When remodelling it is quite amazing how many things that can be recycled or reused end up in the tip or the dumpster. Rather than throw everything you don’t need away, consider using a green company for your waste instead of a traditional skip. As well as this, send reusable items to second hand stores, or hold a yard sale to get rid of them in a green way, and use recycled materials like 100% recycled rubber cable protection, where you can to up the green points in your home.

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