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A lot of homeowners make the mistake of spending tens of thousands of dollars to renovate their homes before putting them on the market. While renovations are a great way to increase your home’s value, spending your budget in the right places will help you maximise your return on investment when you sell your home.

 These four interior design tips should form the foundation of the home renovation strategy. Read on and compare these ideas, courtesy of AHF, to your own pre-sale renovation plan.

1. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to clearly display a home’s age. Simple things like a yellowed or an outdated kitchen can quickly reveal your home’s real age, even if you’ve spent a large amount of money renovating your living room.

Allocate most of your pre-sale renovation budget to your kitchen and bathrooms. A quick update to your bathroom – a new bathtub, tiling to replace linoleum or wood flooring and large mirrors – will produce an excellent return on your investment. To find a great installer and supplier of such materials, search for linoleum flooring near me or similar terms.

2. Maximise natural light in living spaces

Natural light is key to creating a comfortable living space. If your home has small windows and large interior dividers that make natural light a rarity, think about installing new windows and glass doors to maximise natural light.

Artificial light has been scientifically proven to worsen people’s mood, while large amounts of natural light have been shown to increase energy and motivation. Give your home a large amount of natural light and you’ll help potential buyers feel at ease and relaxed when they come to visit.

3. Stick to timeless, classic interior design

Cutting edge design tends to age quickly – a truth that even a quick glance at last decade’s ‘cutting edge’ vehicles and fashion choices will reveal. Stick to timeless, classic interior design when you renovate your home to maximise its sale price.

There’s nothing bad about being modern – quite the opposite, in fact. Just stick to modern design principles that have been around for at least a decade or two, while avoiding ultra-modern design ideas that haven’t become yet mainstream.

4. Replace aging carpets and popcorn ceilings

While most interior designers recommend focusing on your kitchen and bathroom for maximum ROI, there are two dated interior features that should be replaced in every home: ‘popcorn’ ceilings and dated, unfashionable carpets.

If your living room has a popcorn ceiling – a type of spray-on ceiling treatment that was popular in the 1970s – make absolutely sure it’s replaced before you show your home to buyers.

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