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Note: this is a guest post and consideration WOULD HAVE been received for its publication, but the client is apparently a no-good jerk and has refused to pay the bill. NEVER USE THEM for home theater furniture - if they drop the ball like this for a tiny bill, imagine how they could royally screw up your home!

Home cinemas are fast becoming one of the most popular additions for homeowners today. Perhaps it’s because technology has become better and cheaper, and people can now afford professional-quality home theaters for a fraction of what was used to cost a decade ago. Also, it could be more and more people are finding that a night out at the movies isn't what it used to be. High gas prices, the battle for parking, exorbitant prices for soda and popcorn – and you can’t even enjoy your very expensive evening because some rude person keeps talking loudly or texting the entire time. Whatever the reason many people are deciding to build their own home theater and actually enjoy a night at the movies.

Home movie theaters today can be customized to meet just about anyone’s needs. There are so many choices, for example, when it comes to home theater furniture. Indeed, you can easily decorate your home theater any way you want, whether you want to relive the grandeur of the Golden Age of Cinema, with gilded trimmings and velvet curtains, or perhaps prefer something futuristic with sleek, modern lines and metal finishing. Whatever you prefer, there are different ways you can decorate with home theater furnishing.

The 3rd biggest investment (after your screen and sound system) you will (or should) make when building your own home theater is your seating. That’s because you want to make sure you and your guests are comfortable while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Not only that, but your seats will set the tone for your decor. For example, if you truly want your home theater to look like a cinema, you can install real stadium-style seats.

These seats comes in rows and yes, they fold up when unused and have cup holders too – just the at the multiplex in your strip mall (without the stale popcorn or mysterious stains). Many of these style seating are also specially-made to be even more comfortable that those at the cinema. Of course, if you’d really like to go all-out, then you can also purchase home theater recliners. These are the pinnacle of home theater luxury – usually made of full-grain leather, fully reclinable so you can put your feet up while watching, and tray tables for snacks. Many people install several recliners for guests or just have a large sectional for people to relax on.

Wall Treatments
One thing many people don’t think about when doing their home cinema is their walls. After all, they've just spent a lot on their equipment, why should they care about what goes on the walls? Well, the walls can add to the ambiance of the theater and this can enhance the move viewing experience.

Also, bare, flat walls tend to reflect sound, which can be annoying when you’re trying to watch a movie. Having wall treatments like sound-absorbing materials or even thick curtains can help prevent the sound from bouncing off the walls and make it sound like you’re watching inside a tin can. Of course, you can also decorate any way you like, for example, you can hang up your favorite movie posters or install special decorative lighting.

Now, to add some more “cinema” touches to your home theater, you may want to make a special effort with some cinema accessories. Some people, for example, get special popcorn machines to make their popcorn, instead of tossing a bag in the microwave. You can buy different styles of popcorn machines – some are even designed like those old-time carts from carnivals and fairs.

When you build your own home theater, you want to make sure you create the entire experience for yourself and your guests. By paying attention to your home theater decor and picking the right home theater furniture, you can truly take yourself to another world.