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Why Wallpaper is the Key to a Well-Decorated Bedroom


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Dave Bleasdale

In my opinion, the best way in which you can add some real character and personality to your bedroom is with the wallpaper. This is because the wallpaper will be the most noticeable aspect when you enter a room, and it also will be covering up a large percentage of all the surface areas. Therefore, when you are decorating your room it should be the first thing that you think about, and then you can carry on and add decoration fitting with the style that you have gone with. It is important to fully prepare and plan this though, as there is nothing worse than wallpaper that clashes with the rest of the room.

It is important that everything compliments in this room, as otherwise you may struggle to relax and unwind in it, and of course this is absolutely essential in the bedroom. I think that the best way to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom is to not have boring plain walls of just one colour, but instead to pick some eye catching yet minimal and simplistic wallpaper designs. This way it will stand out but not be too bold, and with simple, artistic designs it allows you to easily find furniture and other items that will look good and be in tune with the style of the wallpaper.

Finding Unique and Stylish Designs

To find the truly best wallpaper designs which will improve any bedroom you will need to look a bit harder than normal, but it will certainly be worth it all in the end. There are lots of excellent wallpaper retailers online, much like WallpaperSales, which carry designs by all kinds of classy brands and designers. Nina Campbell being one example, as with this wallpaper you will be blown away by the beauty of some of the designs which are eye catching but not too dominant, making them perfect for any sized bedroom whether it is for your child or your own bedroom.

 Once you have your wallpaper selected you can begin thinking about other important bedroom decoration, including the flooring, photos and or posters, furniture, television, computer and anything else that you may want in this room. I think that the bedroom needs the most planning and thought, and this is because to you there is no more important room, and it should reflect your personality and also be somewhere where you can totally unwind and feel relaxed.