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Tackling Home Extensions


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Martin Pettitt

The home glazing specialists at Pavilion Glass help homeowners maximise their living space with unique window and door designs - both of which are an incredibly effective way to create the illusion of space. And the same can be said for the rooms in your house. Taking the time to extend certain areas and rooms in the home can pay off in more ways than one. If you ever find the time, the following home extensions projects can be a great way to make an interior living space seem twice as large.

Out-sizing rooms

Before you start making plans to knock walls through, try and think strategically about which rooms in the house will benefit from a larger space. A popular choice of large living space is often a combined kitchen and living room or dining room, leaving one or the other free to be converted into a study area or even an extra bathroom - which is always attractive to family home buyers.   

Before attempting any extension work in the home, it’s advisable to ask around for registered builders as well as any friends or family member who will be willing to help.

Garage extensions

Making use of the space in an unused garage can provide a great deal of extra space and can add significant value to your home considering the ingeniously hidden away location. Converting your garage into a play area or office can be a very attractive prospect to potential buyers and the more additional room you can make good use of, the more you can offer them.

Loft conversions

Converting your loft space is another inspired way to extend your house. Although most homes can try and create extra space this way, loft conversions are generally better suited to Victorian-era houses due to their high roof pitches. Unlike the kitchen and dining room extensions, loft extensions are relatively straightforward to execute as they require less planning. But as ever, seek assistance from friends and relatives before attempting anything dangerous.

Making extensions within the home can significantly improve your property.  In addition to creating a more spacious and versatile living space, it can potentially add value to your home in the long run since space is always something people will covet. If you’d like to achieve the same look for less, Pavilion Glass can arrange to install a glass door, window or conservatory and even offer a repair service in the event that the glass gets damaged.