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Fresh Start: The Changes we Instantly Want to Make in a New Home

Within a few weeks of settling into a new home, it doesn’t take long before we start to develop an itch for small redecorating jobs here and there. Whether there are disagreements about the out-dated carpet or the gaudy wallpaper, we can hardly wait to put our own personal stamp on things.

Tear up the floor

As beautiful as a prospective home can be, you can’t please everyone with the style (or lack of) left by the previous owners. One of the most common alterations we like to make in a new home is replacing carpets with floorboards and vice versa, depending on whether or not we like to keep things traditional or contemporary.

Mentally re-paint the walls

No house is perfect and there will always be certain rooms and walls of a new house that we will want to change immediately. Sometimes, these choices will often have been in effect since the very first viewing of the new house. As beautifully coordinated as a bathroom may be in terms of layout, lime green wallpaper is just too much of a distraction.

Having a furniture shuffle

Once our existing furniture comes into play with the new decor and furnishings, we can sometimes have a change of heart and adopt an entirely new colour scheme or furniture style all in the name of making a fresh start. Any excuse to go shopping, eh?

Seek out storage space

Even if the new house has many well designed storage solutions, we will tend to create triple the amount of storage space when we arrive. But as new residents, this can often be down to laziness rather than superb organisational skills. Since we can't face the prospect of unpacking every last box, who can blame us for assigning temporary homes to some of our belongings?

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