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Essential Tools and their Uses


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Sean Vadilfari

If you have ever wondered how certain tools operate or how to get the best use out of them when tackling odd repair and remodelling jobs around the home, then this quick summary is for you. These are the tools that allow all the tedious jobs to be carried out so quickly and efficiently. Presenting the top home maintenance tools no budding DIY expert should be without.   

Sledge/Club Hammer

The only non-electrical tool on the checklist but an unmistakably powerful toolkit essential all the same. Heavy duty demolition hammers such as the sledgehammer and club hammer are quintessential home improvement tools, primarily because of their ability to knock clean through concrete, stone and masonry work. They can also be used to secure floorboards, panels and decking.


Available in varying shapes and sizes, sanders can be used on domestic projects great and small. Handheld mouse sanders for example can be used on small pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and skirting boards while disc and belt sanders can be used to smooth uneven surfaces on large planks of wood and other materials for use on bigger jobs.


Joiners are a worthwhile investment and a great piece of equipment - particularly if you have a penchant for carpentry and various woodwork crafts. Joiners create jigsaw pieces out of ordinary wood by cutting slots that fit together with adhesive. Perfect for making everything from bookcases and table and chair sets to your child’s very first cot - the possibilities are endless!

Power drill

Aside from its primary function of drilling clean-cut holes into most wall types, the classic cordless power drill can be fitted with adapters that allow you to drive through screws and bolts and even sand with ease, rendering them the Swiss army knife of the power tool family. If you choose to start with any domestic tool, make this your first purchase.

There you have it – the handyman’s guide to essential tools. Now you’re familiar with their incredible range of functions, you’ll no doubt want to sink your teeth into a new home project – but where to start? A great place to begin is with quality and reliable equipment. Tool supplier Elcocks have been providing all manner of quality tools and safety equipment to trades men and women for over 40 years. Ensure you’re cut out for the next big home maintenance job and stock up on the right supplies.