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Create the Perfect Children’s Bedroom


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Middlebury College

Children’s bedrooms represent more than a place to sleep - they are a comforting safe haven with a strong identity, so taking the time to make your child’s room a home within a home is well worth the effort. Kids will undoubtedly have opinions when it comes to redesigning their personal space, but their ideas - however wild - needn’t break the bank. Discuss ideas openly with them for the best chance of reaching a practical compromise and create a look to please them for years to come.

 Be flexible

Children can be notoriously temperamental, which is why choosing very specific themes is best avoided. Your daughter may be into baby pink and fairy’s now but a year or so down the line, she will have a change of heart. Instead of committing to a specific theme, work around it by making additional touches once the main overhauls such as the floor and wallpaper have been agreed to. For example, buy objects or toys in the room that reflect their favourite colours or pastimes to ensure you can always keep up with their changing trends.

As for choosing a colour scheme that will last, you may want to consider neutral shades for the walls and carpets, or better yet, opt for laminate or hardwood floors - these will always prove easier to maintain than carpet. This way, the child can still infuse their personality by choosing a washable rug in their favourite colour.

Make it spacious

You’ll be surprised how quickly toys and clothes can amass in a child’s life before it leaves room for little else in their bedroom. Combat the clutter immediately with storage spaces and ask your son or daughter where they would prefer to keep their belongings so they can have the best access to them. Disguise storage boxes in the form of treasure chests or hollowed benches and seats at the end of their bed for practicality.


Most importantly, make sure the bedroom is a safe place for them to be in. Fit window locks and cover any sockets and potential hazards with safety guards. Also, ensure heavy furniture is securely screwed to the wall and fit shelves as closely to their eye level as possible. This will give the added benefit of the illusion of higher ceilings and therefore, more playing space!

Of course, the object that completes the look in a child’s bedroom is the bed itself. houses a versatile range of bed frame styles to satisfy the fussiest tastes! Whether your child is after more storage space or a stand-out design that reflects their personality, they’re sure to find a timeless style that ticks all boxes.