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space for a free-standing bath


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image of a freestanding tub by Erica Nicol

I was never aware really, until I had my bathroom renovated (by some really good natural stone tillers) that free standing baths had become one of the most sought after choices for bathrooms on large new builds. Free standing baths are a feature unto themselves; an expensive and practical bathroom ornament that is elegant, bold and lavish enough to create an instant wow factor to anyone who visits. As you know, a freestanding bath is not directly fixed to the wall like most units. This is not to say it’s able to move however – they are plumbed in underneath and through the floor which is why they are so heavy and durable because: If they weren’t made of heavy solid composite – you’d catch it with your hip going past and rip out the plumbing – we wouldn’t want that now? However this said, it may have prevented just a little bruising from my unobservant self. 

Have you ever tried lifting a freestanding bath? Don’t! Simply put, if you’ve splashed out and spent the money – get the delivery guys to take this upstairs to the bathroom. They’ll argue that it’s not in their remit no doubt…and who can blame them? Lifting these are a pain! But worth the effort!

What Bathrooms Space is Needed?

It has to be said that free standing baths look their best in larger bathroom environments. They are the juggernaught of the bath tub world. You wouldn’t stick an Elephant in a Kennel now would you? Let’s face it, if you have a small bathroom and you simply can’t go without – I suggest knock through a wall or two, move house or just don’t bother. Small bathrooms have practical layouts for practical units for practical reasons. A free stander would literally be the next large Russian doll in the room and you’d be crying for space! Generally you’d want other free standing units to accompany this furniture too such as these free standing bathroom cabinets or sinks for example perhaps? Free standing bath units are absolute luxury because of their individual designs and way they cup yours (and whoever else’s – they’re great to share!) body. I reiterate, just make sure you have the space!