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Simple Summery Updates for Your Garden


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image of a freestanding tub by Angela Sevin

Now that summer has finally rolled around, many of us are scrambling to get out into our gardens. When we get out there, however, we find that things aren’t quite as nice as we remember them. Luckily, updating your garden is simple, easy and quick to do, so can enjoy your garden to the fullest.

The Plants

Colour - Annual plants inject a pop of colour and elegance to your garden. Choose your favourite colours to liven up the evergreen, the borders or dotted around in plant pots.  You could have begonias, petunias, geraniums, snapdragons as well as a whole host of other plants to brighten up your garden.

Climbers – Climbing plants offer a more immersive feel to your garden; with plants on the walls or fencing it makes for a lusher, cosier experience. Morning Glories grow quickly and easily so you’ll have a plant-covered wall in no time.

Layers – Layering plants so that they are in height order gives your garden depth and adds interest. Think about how the different plants will work together.

Cacti – You might even be brave enough to add a few cacti to your garden. Keep them in pots so you can bring them in when it gets cold again, but they make interesting centrepieces for the patio table, for instance.

 Bringing the Inside Out

Lighting – If you’re lacking ambient light in your garden for those warm summer nights, then candles are the best option. Contained in pretty tea light holders, a candle will make your garden feel relaxed.

Art/Mirrors – The addition of art and mirrors will add a bohemian atmosphere to your garden. A mirror will also make your garden look a lot bigger, but it will only really look like it’s supposed to be there if it is big and ornate. A garden sculpture creates a focal point so if you don’t have time to update your whole garden then it is a great way of detracting attention away from certain areas.

Garden Furniture – A new set of dining table and chairs, or something comfortable to lie on makes a whole world of difference to your overall garden and your enjoyment of it.

Soft Furnishings – The British weather and soft furnishings don’t often go together, but all it takes is a watertight box to store them in and you can keep rugs, floor cushions and blankets in the shed or garage. The addition of soft furnishings to any garden makes it more habitable and inviting.

The Basics  

Borders – If you simply want to neaten up your garden, then adding border edging will help stop weeds getting in with your flowers. It will also make your garden look a lot smarter.

Mulch – Mulch is a bit of wonder product when it comes to gardening. It helps block sunlight to the ground below so that weeds can’t grow, helps retain water and gives your garden a professional look.

Fencing – The fencing of your garden makes a huge impact on the way it looks. Well maintained fencing looks fresh and neat, but old or rotting fencing can make the entire garden look neglected. You can buy fencing direct or you could even make your own. Make sure that your replacement fence complements the rest of your garden’s style.