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Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Lachlan Donald

It pays to be prepared. Even the best organised DIY fan knows the pain of planning out a long weekend of work to put up those shelves you always wanted, finally fix the squeaky door, and give the wall a fresh lick of paint – only to discover at 6pm on a Sunday evening that vital piece of equipment you thought you had is missing, and all the shops are closed. There’s no way around it – you just have to be better prepared next time and make sure you have absolutely everything you might need ready for use. But it’s easier than you might think to be prepared for almost any construction task – simply pick up a large screwdriver set and a versatile combi hammer drill, and you’ll be prepared for almost any job.

Screwdriver Set

Whether you’re assembling flatpack furniture or just opening the battery compartment on the remote control, having the right screwdriver for the job can mean the difference between a quick disassembly and the horror of a stripped screw that will never come out. Luckily, you don’t need to purchase and store a dozen different screwdrivers to get by – a simple screwdriver set, containing a handle and an array of bits, is all you need for the majority of jobs.

Though there can be a bewildering array of screw bits available, you only need a handful to cope with almost any home DIY task. Flathead screws are still common in older constructions, while Philips and pozidrives screws are almost ubiquitous for modern DIY work. If you work with electronics or computers, it can be handy to be prepared for star-shaped Torx screws too.

Combi Hammer Drill

As the name suggests, a combi hammer drill is a versatile piece of equipment that can handle almost any DIY drilling around the house. Use them with a drill bit for wood or metal and the high torque motor punches holes effortlessly for construction projects or affixing objects to walls. Switch down to a lower torque, and they function just as effectively for taking the effort out of driving screws with the press of a button – especially ideal for tight spaces where a manual screwdriver might be awkward to turn. Plus, with a hammer function, they provide the sheer force required to drill the toughest of materials like concrete or masonry – impossible with any other type of drill. You can pick between a corded or cordless drill depending on your preferences - Anglia Tool Centre offer a range of cordless drills for freedom from dangling wires when working.