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Planning on Decorating a Bathroom? Complement the Bold with the Bright!


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image of a backyard pond by Summit Design Remodeling

Whilst both the style and colour are generally personal matters relating to the taste of the individual, like graphic designers know not to mix their warm and cold shades when producing packaging for print of product design – there are a few key take-aways that can assist as a guideline to getting the right look! 

If you’re looking for something extravagant you may wish to think again about installing bathroom furniture with overly exaggerated features or facets. The same goes for selecting exotic and unusual colours. The reasons being is that colours go out of fashion fast, and whilst it’s fab for a few months to have that crazy bright contrast – as time goes on these kind of creative design ideas can become a grate on your personal space. It’s not just this aspect that you need to be aware of though. Colours and designs go out of fashion based on the manufacturers consumer demand. That crazy design might be discontinued next year meaning that if anything goes wrong or gets damaged – replacement parts will be a rarity and extremely hard / expensive to get hold of. Whilst I’m a big fan of buying and installing bathroom and cloak room suites, often it can be just as practical to purchase individual units. It may seem boring and cliché, but depending on your circumstances, the fact is, standard white finishes on bathroom products are practical because they’re so easy to replace!

I want to talk about decorating wheels and charts for a moment, I feel that I can offer a bit of advice here. Whilst you may plan for LED strip lighting under the bathroom cabinets or inside the cloakroom I advise that you definitely consider the bare colour scheme under natural lighting conditions, and really take into account the areas and walls that natural light splashes it’s lumens across at particular times of day. You obviously don’t want the bathroom to appear too dank, dark, cold or claustrophobic – so if there’s not much outside light within a tightly enclosed space then I’d definitely suggest going with a pale warm colour scheme. An alternative to this would be to create the illusion of these bright conditions with the standard white bathroom fixtures (especially if it’s a suite). This allows you to add contrast to the rest of the room’s colour scheme allowing you to play more with bolder complementary colors.