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Furniture For Your Dining Room


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. photo: CC-licensed image by Joe Wolf

The idea of a dining room can seem a little old fashioned these days – we eat at our desks, in our bedrooms, or perhaps slumped in front of the TV. With so much competing for our attention – and cash - the idea of spending money on a dining table can seem rather quaint. Yet there’s something about the dining table that brings the family together in a way TVs and computers cannot – a refined setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Research suggests it can even improve social skills in children. Picture a proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings laid out on the table, while the whole family tucks in – or even something as simple as somewhere to do the crossword in the morning – and you’ll start to see the attraction of a top quality dining table.

Size is an obvious consideration. A medium-sized table with four chairs will suit the average-sized family for most of the year, but what about when Christmas rolls around and a dozen aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces descend? On the other hand, if space is tight, it can be a real struggle manoeuvring around a dining table that’s just too big. Perhaps the best solution is the neat compromise of an extender table, which features a hidden extension that can be kept out of sight for quieter days.

What sort of space is your dining area? If it’s shared with a kitchen or living room, you can use high-backed chairs with dark wood to create a clear and contrasting place for eating. Don’t forget to plan carefully to allow enough space around your table, including extra room if you’re purchasing an extending table.

It’s important to get a good feel for your furniture before you buy. Until recently, the only real way to buy dining room furniture was ordered through specialist retailers in retail parks or via high street department stores. But you can also buy online direct from a company like Top Furniture Ltd. You can view and order through a website, or visit the showroom to get a true feel of what you’re about to buy.

It goes without saying that it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra if the result is better quality all-round. Budget dining furniture is usually cheap for a reason – you might find a poor finish, low quality material or even structural deficiencies.  Buy a cheap dining table and you might find yourself replacing it in a few years – whereas a high quality, premium grade table is an investment that will keep giving back for generations to come.