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In order to maintain a garden properly you will need the right set of tools. This post will guide you through a few garden must-haves.

The most important garden tool is undoubtedly the spade and investing in a decent one is a must. A tool known as a Mattock is used around the world but less so in the UK. It is like a spade but the blade is at a right angle to the handle. These are great for all the basic needs as well as clearing rough ground and are a great alternative to a traditional spade.

When looking for the right garden maintenance tools, the most expensive are not necessarily the best. Simply buying a high priced, ferocious looking mower will not lead to the best results. However if you team a good lawn mower with a good pair of border shears this can make all the difference. Long handled boarder sheers save bending and offer a greater level of accuracy while maintaining your lawn.

When looking for a mower you should match it to your requirements. A small lawn can be cut using either a 16 or 18 inch mower. If you have a larger lawn you should be looking at investing in a 20 to 22 inch petrol powered mower for the best results. For most lawns either petrol or electric powered will be fine but for larger lawns you should stick to petrol.

Hedge shears and secateurs are also a must have. A normal set of shears is fine but it’s worth investing in a pair that you can extend. In most cases this will eliminate the need for a ladder and help your reach those places that are just too high.   

It is also important to ensure you are using your tools as safely as possible. Whilst garden tools do not carry the obvious dangers associated with some other power tools, this does not mean they can’t cause some serious damage.

The best way to protect yourself is to ensure you have the right equipment. A pair of thick protective gloves is a must, at all times. Even the most innocent looking pair of secateurs can leave you with a nasty gash.

When using lawnmowers and strimmers obviously you’re going to need more than a pair of gloves.  Even when using these items at home it is still recommended that you wear some form of protection for the eyes and ears. The most common way of protecting the eyes is with a pull down face mask that allows you to work as normal without impairing your vision. Ear defenders are also a wise investment, especially if you’re spending a long period of time working with machinery. In the short term you may not notice the damage it could be doing to your ears, however over time you may start to notice the impact of being exposed to constant loud noises.

Whatever your passion is in terms of DIY it’s essential to ensure you have the right equipment for the job at hand. Swift Trading Industrial Tool Supplier offer a wide range of tools for both indoors and out which ensure you always get a professional finish that you can be proud of. So make the most of the weather and start building the ultimate gardening tool kit.

partnered post • CC-licensed image by Cory Doctorow