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How To Create a Modern Kitchen For Spring in Ohio


Note: this is a guest post and consideration was received for its publication. Photo: a colorful modern kitchen, CC-licensed image by Lee J. Haywood

Where spring is all about color, the modern world seems more set of steel and chrome. Color is minimal and there is more of a focus on metallic colors, machinery and appliances.

How do you go for a modern kitchen while still keeping it in line with the lively and colorful season of spring in Ohio?

Do you make it an explosion of colors or do you restrict it to the minimalistic and metallic order of the modern world?

Here are just a few hints and tips on how to make your kitchen more modern without depriving it of the spring fever.

1.  Add Color Smartly

Hints of color look good when spring rolls around. Having a modern kitchen doesn’t mean you must deprive yourself from colors, but that you use them smartly. Don’t go ahead and paint the entire kitchen yellow. What you can do is buy appliances in color.

A lot of different electronics companies have introduced sleek creations that work well as per their function and also have infused in them a stripe of color here and there. So though they may still appear all steel and chrome, you’ll find some life in them.

2.  Let the Environment Breathe

When you imagine a modern kitchen, you see a room stuffed from wall to wall with appliances. You can always be a little careful when buying appliances so that you consume the minimum of energy while using them.

With everything in today's world running on electricity, trying to be energy efficient and opting for energy saving products is not only wise, but also in vogue. There are plenty of companies manufacturing energy saving appliances. You can also save on appliances that rely on natural gas by opting for a company such as or a similar company if you live outside Ohio.

3.  Create Creative Storage Spaces

This goes especially for those with smaller kitchens. People do tend to horde certain things, whether its grocery items or some sort of a crockery item. Regardless, there is always more to keep and less space to keep it. You don't necessarily have to store it in the already cramped cabinets. Modern kitchens are not only spaces to cook in, but, increasingly, also to entertain so it would do good to add some decorative element.

Why not make this decorative element a part of your storage as well? If you like to collect unique salt and pepper shakers, set up a simple shelf on one of the kitchen walls and show them off. Alternately, you can set up a peg board on a wall and hang your cutlery on it. This will add to the ambience of your kitchen while saving you some space in the drawers and cabinets.

4.  Modernize the Plumbing

No, don’t redo the entire plumbing, but you can use plumbing fixtures to add some mood to your kitchen, similarly as you use appliances for the purpose. Change up your sink and faucets to add a little color or add some unique form of faucet that seems very techy, but is essentially just a means to wash your hands and dishes.

One unique design allows water to flow from a faucet in a waterfall-like fashion, so you know there are plenty of options when it comes to faucets as well.

Whether it's a major change as of getting new floors done or a minor one of just adding a new toaster, making a kitchen more modern is not about how big your budget is, but rather how innovative and out of the box you can think.